Chemo Day #3 + 1


10:00: I am awake.  I get up and let Buster out.

11:00: I get on my computer, check my emails and go over the orders for the past few days.

11:10: The day after hiccups start again! BLAH!

11:40: The hiccups are gone…

12:00: I eat 2 bowls of peanut butter cheerios.

12:30: I am back on the computer checking some admin stuff.  I need to get over to the office today to see if any payments have been delivered in the mail.  I need to put some money into the account to cover some bills.

12:50: The hiccups are back.

1:00: I shave my face and head.

1:10: I jump into the shower.

1:20: I jump out of the shower.

1:25: I put Buster up in his cage.

1:30: I am out of the door and headed to the office.

1:40: I get to the office, sure enough I have 3 checks to deposit. I run some invoices, enter the checks into the system, and install the printer and scanning software onto a different server.  I get the packages that were delivered across the hall and open them examining their contents.

2:30: I leave the office and drive to the bank to deposit the checks.

2:40: I get back to the office, pay some bills, and also take some pictures of checks for me with my Bank of Internet Phone App.

3:00: I order a few more things for the install for the weekend.

4:00: I finish some additional admin work for work I have done last week and this week.

5:00: Almost time to go home, not just yet, just got some time to kill while traffic goes down.  I remote into a few computers and check on things.

6:00: I go across the hall and install a VOIP Adapter.

7:00: I am done installing the VOIP adapter and testing it.  Time for me to head on  home.

7:10: I get home, and its time to eat Chinese Food 🙂 Yummy.  However I have some hiccups.  I use a Hicural Hiccup Relief that my Dad purchased from CVS.  Surprisingly when used correctly, this does make my hiccups go away.  Now I can eat in peace.

7:25: My wife gets home.  I fix her a plate of Chinese Food, and I continue on eating.  Bones is on TV.

8:00: I am done eating, but the hiccups come back.  The Hicural Hiccup Relief will not work that great because I don’t have much room to be drinking cups of water that is required in use with the product to make the hiccups go away.  My sister said something about taking 2 Benadryl tablets, so I do.  I also take a spoon full of peanut butter, that doesn’t work either.  My dad and I watch another episode of Bones.

9:00: By this time I am exhausted, so time for me to take a nap on the sofa.

10:30: I wake up, and I have the hiccups once again, blah!

11:15: I am in my bed.  My wife asks me why I didn’t wake her up at 9:00.  I tell her I was tired and fell asleep in the den.

11:30: I do some entry work for the work I did today, so that it will get invoiced tomorrow.

11:59: Another day gone…

© Craig