Chemo Day #3 + 10


7:58: I am awaken to my dad unscrewing the hurricane board on the side door.  I get out of bed because I know there is some work to do, and I want to check the status of the storm.

8:30: The TV is on, the storm is somewhere near Baton Rouge, but we are still getting rain and some winds.

8:45: We notice a discoloration of the ceiling in the center of the Den, must be a leak.  My dad goes in the attic and find that it is coming from around the whirli bird, the vent for the attic.  I go outside and I can see where the roof tile looks a littl different from the ground.

9:00: I go in the backroom, get the roofing nails, a hammer, and we have some left over roofing from when they did the roof.  I put it all on the brick wall, I then go get the 8ft ladder and set it up by the side the house.

9:30: I have my dad hold the ladder and I climb up on top of the roof.  I get up to the top of the roof, it is only 4 tiles from the top of the roof.  I can see the hole that my dad saw from in the attic.  I rip out the ceiling tile that is bent over.  I am cutting the new one when it starts pouring down raining again.  I put the tile in place temporarily to prevent additional water from leaking into the house because this is a heavy downpour, feels heaver than the blowing rain we had the whole storm.  Once it is done raining, I finish cutting it to fit properly around the whirli bird and then nail it down.  I then rip out the one above it to because it has been damaged as well.  I  I get this one into position and nail it down.  I then use some rubberized roof patch to run under the loose tiles that I had to pry up to nail the new ones down properly to make sure they sealed right.  The new tiles have a tar strip that seal the tiles to each other when they get heated by the sun.  I just wanted to make sure that no additonal winds would push water up under the tiles I was working on.

11:30: I get off of the roof and wash the tar and the roofing materials off of me.  I then go inside and get a shower.

11:45: I hop in the shower.

12:00: I get out of the shower.

12:15: My dad, my wife, and I go over to the office to check on the office.

12:30: When we get to the office, there is no power at the office.  The office has some damage to the outside the building.  We go inside using flashlights to go up the stairs and to find our way down the hall and to unlock the door.  Everything inside my office is nice and dry.  Nothing got wet or damaged, so the office is good to go.  I power up a UPS and test out the internet connection, the cable modem does not come online, so there is no internet connection. I turn of the UPS and we head on out. We use the flashlights to find our way back downstairs.

12:35: We leave the office and head over to Quest Diagnostics to see if they are open.  I need to get my blood drawn so that I can get my Chemo on Tuesday since Monday is a holiday.

12:45: We get to Quest but they are closed because of the storm so we head back home.

1:00:  We get back home. My dad finishes up cleaning up broken branches and leaves all around the front yard and back yard.

1:30: It starts to rain again, so we go inside and watch the coverage again.

2:30: I get a call from a client having an issue with his computer.  He is only getting a white screen.

2:45: I meet the client at his office.  After some basic troubleshooting I figure out his monitor has gone bad.  I tell him that I do have one at my office that I can go get, so I drive over to my office.

3:00: I get to my office.  I don’t have a flashlight, so I check what keys I need when I get up the stairs before entering the building.  I feel my way up the stairs, and then down the hall to the door, I then open the door and I can see inside because of the light being let in by the window.  I grab the monitor, and then lock the door up.  I feel my way back down the hall to the stairwell and then down the stairs.  I get back in my van and head back to the client’s office.

3:15: I get back to the client’s office.  I put the new screen up and it works.  His computer is usable again.  He has a few questions about scanning, so I show him a few more basic scan functions.  Another client then arrives at the building who is having some laptop issues.  I check the laptop, but it is not getting power.  If I have to name what the issue is, its the power reciever inside of the laptop.  I tell him that I will take the laptop back to the office and take it apart.  I will then see if its monetary feasible to fix the laptop or get a new one.

3:45: I leave the office and head back to my house.

4:00: There is no internet yet.  My mom is up for cooking some seafood gumbo.  I find some peeled shirmp in the back freezer and bring that out, along with some ground meat that we can defrost and have tomorrow night for supper.

4:30: My mom starts cooking, I just lay down on the sofa watching more coverage.

6:00: Supper is ready.  MMM Good!  Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo, very good.

7:00: Supper was great.  The internet is still down.  Not much to do, so I watch some more TV.

8:00: I go lay down in my room watching TV in there.

10:30: They stop the coverage that the convention parties come on TV, blah I don’t feel like watching this.

11:30: I doze off.

© Craig