Chemo Day #3 + 11


9:45: I get out of Bed, let Buster out, and get ready to get a shower.

10:00: I jump in the shower.

10:10: I jump out of the shower

10:30: I get over to the Quest Diagnostics Place.  This time they are open so I sign my name and sit and wait.

10:40: They show me to the back, get my info, and draw my blood.  This nurse does a great job.  She sticks the vein on t first stick, I barely feel it.  She fills up the two tubes, and that’s it blood is done.

10:50: I am back in my van heading over to my office.

11:05: I get to my office, the power is still out, so I head on home.

11:15: I get home.

11:25: I warm up 3 pieces of Boudin.  Mmm Mmm Good.

12:00: I turn on the news for some updates, nothing too new.

3:00: I head on over to AutoZone.  I need a new breaklight and some power stearing fluid.  I purchase both.  Before leaving I put in the new light and the breaklight still doesn’t work.  It must be the socket.  I go back inside and purchase a socket.  I head back home so that I can put the light back in because I need wirenuts and tools.

4:00: I get home, and everyone else is home.  My wife and dad both help/watch me change out the socket.  We first test the old socket.  I have my dad hit the break pedal while I push down the light and sure enough the light works, if I let the light go, it stops working, so the socket isn’t holding the bulb right.  I but the old socket off and then strip the plastic off the wires and wirenut the new socket to the wires and tape up the wires.  I then put the new bulb in and have my dad test it, it works, so I put the light fixture back in place.

4:30: We take all the hurricane boards down off of the house.

5:00: I take out the reciprocating saw and we cut the trunk of the small young tree in the back yard that snapped in half during the storm.  It is about 7 inches across, so it takes a while to cut.  My dad then trys getting the stump out with some digging and some cutting of roots, but it takes a few days with an axe to get it completely up.  It is ok, he wants a satsuma tree anyway, so that is what will go in its place.

6:00: We are back inside.  The ground meat is not completely defrosted so we are not going to have hamburgers.  I throw out the idea of having tacos.  We don’t have any taco shells, so my mom runs to the store and picks up some shells and taco mix while my dad defrosts and breaks up the ground meat.

6:30: My mom gets back and finishes up the ground meat.

7:00: The tacos are great, mmm, mmm good.

8:00: A dial tone all of a sudden comes on.  That means that the cable has been hooked up again.  We have TV, Cable and Internet again!  YAY INTERNET!  That’s the main thing I am worried about.

8:15: I am in my room checking a few things on the internet.

8:30: I help my wife put some things together in the room she is working on, then I lay in my bed and back surfing the internet, looking up a few things, and recording a few things.

9:00: I just keep up on the compuer while watching TV again.

11:59: Time to go to sleep, catch ya’ll tomorrow!

© Craig