Chemo Day #3 + 2


11:00: I am partially awake, my wife is up getting ready to go to school.

11:45: I get a call from a client with a very slow computer.  I remote into the computer and the computer kept freezing up on me.  I noticed that the computer had Norton Antivirus along with Microsoft Security Essentials installed.  The antiviruses were fighting each other, and causing the computer to really freeze up.  I removed Microsoft Security Essentials and did a full scan of the computer with a third party scanner and did not find any virus issues.  The computer should be good to go.

1:00: I am done with the computer.  I am hungry, so time for some Peanut Butter Cheerios.

1:30: I am back on the computer checking some emails.

1:45: I go shave my face and head.

2:00: I jump into the shower.

2:10: I jump out of the shower.

2:30: I swing by a client’s office to drop off a KVM Switch (Keyboard Video Mouse Switch, 2 computers, 1 keyboard, mouse and monitor)

2:45: I arrive at my office.

2:50: I go across the hall and pick up the packages that were delivered there for me.

3:00: I am in my office following up on some phone calls and doing some admin work.

3:30: I am testing out our new Bank of Internet account and depositing checks using our scanner in the office and their website.

4:00: I do some research and start unpacking all of the items that were delivered today.

5:00: I rest a little bit in my chair and follow up on a phone call.

5:45: I go across the hall and change some additional settings, testing out faxing over VOIP.

7:00: I am done playing for today, time to go home and eat.

7:15: I get home.

7:20: Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for supper that my mom and dad had made.  VERY GOOD STUFF!  I have two bowls of this stuff!

8:00: I sit on the sofa and watch the The Mentalist.

9:00: I doze off on the sofa.

9:45: I wake up, let Buster outside, and then off to lay in bed.

10:00: I get out my computer and do a few things, but not much to do.  Just going to be here till I doze off again….

© Craig