Chemo Day #3 + 3


11:00: I am up.  I am doing ok.  Not really nauseated, but not feeling 100% either.  I let buster out, and sit down for a little bit.

11:30: I am feeling a little better.  I get up and get ready to get a shower, I need to meet a client for 12:30 at my office who is simply dropping off a laptop to be looked at.

11:40: I shave my face and head.

11:50: I jump in the shower.

12:00: I jump out of the shower.

12:15: I leave the house headed to the office.

12:25: I get to the office, open up the front door, pick up the mail, and go into the back door.

12:30: I go across the hall and pick up 3 packages that were delivered today.

12:35: I get a call from the client saying that they will be running a little late, but still coming, I unpack the packages I received today in the meantime.

12:45: My client arrives with the laptop that is having some power issues.  She also has a new rescue dog that chews everything, so it could be an internal power issue or a problem with the power supply.

12:50: I bring the computer to the back and start playing with it.  The computer is having no problems getting power and the battery is charging.  I start examining the wire closer and find small cuts/chew marks in the wire.  I start bending the wire and I see the battery stop charging and the screen dim, and then come back.  Finally I hear a sizzling sound and a nice stream of white smoke coming from the cord.  Yep, that was it, seems that the rescue dog chewed through the wire, luckily it was the low voltage side of the wire.

1:15: I order a new power supply, and a new battery since the battery is almost 3 years old, and longer run time was desired when on battery power as well.

1:25: I catch up on some admin work for ordering the parts and also some work I did yesterday.

1:45: I am checking on all the remaining items being shipped to me to complete the new network and phone installation for the lightning strike from last week.

2:00: I am doing ok, a little hungry, not in the mood to drive to my oncologist’s appointment.  My mom just got off of work, and she is going to come pick me up because she also wants to hear the update from the oncologist.  I am also hungry because I have not eaten anything all day.  I ask her to pick me up a Baconator from Wendy’s on the way over.

2:35: My mom arrives at the office.  She got me a triple Baconator, wow, now that’s a lot of meat.  To show you how much better I am feeling, I finish it in the 15 minutes it takes to get over to EJGH from my office.  Very good! YUMMY!

2:53: I check in at the front desk of Dr. Veith.

3:05: We are shown to the back.  The doctor’s assistant take my vitals, they go over everything with me, any pain, no, nausea, not too much lately, how is everything going, everything is going good, the first week was the worst, complete examination listening to me breath, my heart beat, my belly, feeling my neck, my legs, and ankles, everything looks good!

3:10: My wife gets there and comes into the room, she came straight over from school.

3:25: Dr. Veith comes in and talks to me, he also feels my neck and under arms and says he cannot feel anything.  I have one more infusion left to complete cycle 2 and then another PET Scan to see the reactions of the tumors to the chemo.  If there is very little to no tumors left, then I will go through 2 more cycles, which is 4 more infusions, and then 4 weeks, 5 days a week of radiation following the chemo.  If there is still tumor masses left, I will go through 4 more cycles, which is 8 more infusions followed by the 4 weeks, 5 days a week of radiation.  It all just depends on what comes of the Pet Scan in 3 weeks.

4:00: The doctor’s visit went well considering.  Just have to wait for the PET Scan to tell everything.  We had over to Wendy’s to pick up my wife a Double Stacker with nothing on it but mustard.  She’s a picky eater, but I still love her.  I also get a chocolate shake.

4:20: My mom drops me off at my office.  It is pouring down rain outside.  I have my hands full with my drink, shake, my phone, wallet and keys.  I open the door and walking in backward my foot isn’t on the full metal ramp, but on the end of the ramp where there is no friction strips.  I slip and fall on my butt with me inside, my feet out the door, my phone, wallet and keys out the door.  I didn’t hurt myself or cut myself, thank goodness because bleeding would be another issue.  I didn’t spill my drink or shake, so I am good.  I get up, pick up everything as my mom looks on in horror, and head upstairs to my office.

4:30: I call my client that was waiting on me to come back to the office, and let them know that I am in the office.  She wants to come pick up a battery for a UPS, and also a toner because I can beat the price of Office Depot when it comes to toners by at least half.

5:00: My client shows up, asks me how I am doing, and picks up the items.

5:15: I check on a few things in various bank accounts for the company, do some personal banking for myself, and then prepare to leave.

6:15: I am heading out of the office, and heading home.  Usually traffic is cleared out by now heading northbound on Causeway, but the rain has delayed the traffic, so I slowly get over the three lanes to make the U-Turn by UNO to head back southbound to head home.

6:40: I get home.  Another day complete as far as I am concerned.  I am not too hungry, since I ate nicely earlier.

7:00: I get on my home computer and do some more admin work of entering all the purchases from the weekend and this week into the computer.

7:45: I am done that I am a little hungry, so I eat some Eggplant and Bell Pepper Casserole from Sunday.

8:00: I lay on the sofa, watching TV with my dad as I slowly drift off to sleep.

9:30: I am woken up by Buster and my wife.  I also get a message on my phone on Google Talk from my business partner who wants to do some business discussion.  My phone finally dies, so I pick up the discussion on my computer.

10:30: We wrap up the discussion and everything is good to go, at least for tonight…

11:00: I look up a few things, and start my blog entry for today.

11:59: That’s it for tonight, see ya’ll tomorrow!

© Craig