Chemo Day #3 + 4


9:40:  I am waken up by a phone call from a client.  They lost connection with their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, and they cannot connect back to it, I do some troubleshooting, but it seems that the server is not coming back up physically.  Time to jump out of bed and head on over.

10:00: I am up and dressed.

10:20: I arrive onsite and start troubleshooting the server.  There are a few things going on, so I call Dell Technical Support.  After spending 50 minutes on the phone with them, we are almost getting a new server, the motherboard, power supply unit, power distribution board, processor, and memory are all being replaced.  I will be back over here on Monday when the technician comes out to change the parts.

11:30: I make some configuration changes on the router so that the all the computers can have internet access.

11:50: I create a label document in word so that they can still use their Dymo Label Writer to print labels by typing in the information rather than handwriting labels.

12:20: Everything is how it has to be until Monday when the parts are changed out.  Nothing else can be done at this time.  I get in my van and head back to the office.

12:30: I get a call while enroute back to my office about use an XRay machine.  I will have to look into the details more when I get back to the office.

12:40: I get back to the office and start researching the software.  I call up technical support for the software, and they are most helpful in having me change a setting so that Xrays can still be taken until the server comes back up.

1:15: I go across the hall and get the new router, 10 IP Phones and other packages for the new phone system I will be installing this weekend and part of next week.

2:00: I do some admin work, check the mail, process some payments.

2:45: I head out to the bank to deposit the checks that I have.

3:00: I am back in the office, and start working on putting together the phone system.  I take apart the router and put in the expansion cards to add functionality.  I then scan the serial numbers and MAC addresses for all 10 phones into the computer.  I then configure all the computer network parameters, and then start configuring the phone system parameters putting in all 10 phones, adding extensions and phone lines.

7:00: I am done for today.  I have reached a stopping point.  I will have to wait for additional parts to come in anyway before continuing the configuration.  I head on home.

7:10: I get home.  Steaks tonight for supper.  YUMMY!  Also have some shrimp and squash.

8:00: I finish up supper and sit on the sofa with my wife and Dad watching Everybody Loves Raymond.  What else you want me to do, not like I should be going anywhere, I should rest and take it easy.  Guess that’s what I am using my evenings for!

9:00: I am in my bed.  Checking on a backup for a since Hurricane Isaac is about to enter the gulf.

9:40: Just finished updating my blog, I am going to try to keep this updated more often throughout the day.  Its a great way to reference things for me as well.  Chemo Brain is real, sometimes I lose track of the small details…

10:00: I finish up the backup checks, everything is good to go and work as it should.

10:10: I enter my billing time for today into my CRM program.

10:40: I go take a break from the computer for a few minutes, get up and walk around.

11:30: I am back in bed for the night, on the computer and watching TV, I’ll fall asleep like this…

© Craig