Chemo Day #3 + 5


6:00: I am up because Buster has to go outside.  I get up, and let him out, and then bring him back into the room and back into the Bed.

10:30: I am barely away.  My wife has work for 11:00, so she is up and moving around.  I fall back asleep.

12:20: I am up  I had a long night of sleep, but I am still feeling a little weak and tired today for some reason.  I eat 2 waffles that my dad had made on the waffle maker.  While I am eating, my sister and bro in law come over.  I talk to them for a while and then go lay on the sofa.  I am not feeling 100%, maybe 60%.  I am a little weak and tired.  I watch Ocean’s Thirteen.

2:30: I go lay in my bed, on my stomach, on top of 2 pillows with my laptop in front of me.  I finish up watching Ocean’s Thirteen and watch Catch Me If You Can which comes on next.

5:00: My mom goes off to the store to pick up some fish for supper.

5:45: My mom gets home.  It’s going to be Salmon tonight on the BBQ Pit.

6:15: My dad throws the Salmon on the Pit.  I am starting to feel a little weak, but OK.

6:45: The Salmon is off the pit, and now I am feeling really weak.  About 50% I guess, just feeling weak sitting at the table.   I eat 3 pieces of Salmon and my dad warms me up a Sweet Potato in the microwave which I quickly smash up once its on the table.

7:00: The Saints game is on!  I watch it in the Den after I am done eating.

10:00: The game is over the Saint’s won 😛  Just a preseason game.

10:45: I am back in bed, watching TV, and back on my laptop for my nightly ritual.

11:30: Watching the Tropical Storm Isaac Updates.  BLAH Something else to deal with!


© Craig