Chemo Day #3 + 6


1:00: The Isaac Update comes out.  The models are showing a shift closer to New Orleans, but the Hurricane Center Forecast still has it going to Florida.

10:30: My wife is up preparing to go to work, I am not completely awake yet, still dozing.

11:32: I am up.  I check my emails, I have emails from clients making sure their backups are up to date and other things.

11:35: I am by my computer in the living room checking on backups status and clients computers.  I force some backups to happen on backups that are already up to date to make sure that all the files are double checked to make sure it is up to date.

1:00: I am done checking the backups.  My dad wants to put the boards up on the house, however, we have had new windows put in since the last time we put the boards in the windows.  Using frictions and 2×4’s between the bricks will no longer work because the boards are pushed further out because the windows are thicker and the 2×4’s do not have any bricks to grip on to, or the gap has expanded because of the angles of the bricks.  I come up with a solution of drilling the brick, putting in metal anchors, and then putting up 6 inch straight brackets to hold the boards against the windows.  We go off to Lowes.

1:10: We are at Lowes.  We get 50 anchors, 50 bolts, 18 straight brackets, and a new masonry bit.

2:00: We get back home and the leg of lamb isn’t cooked yet, so my dad and I head outside to start putting up boards.

2:30: 8 holes drilled, 8 anchors, 8 bolts, 4 brackets, and the first board is up.

3:15: 8 holes drilled, 8 anchors, 8 bolts, 4 brackets, and the second board is up.  I had an issue with drilling the some holes because I did not hit the holes in the brick and was drilling through solid brick.  I am spent.  It is getting hot, and I need to rest.  I am pushing myself, but I am good.  The food is ready, so may as well go inside and eat and rest and let it cool down a little outside.

3:30: I wash off the brick dust with the hose and then head on inside.

3:45: The lamb is good, my mom also made a gravy from the lamb drippings that I put over some Herb Alfredo.  Mmmm, so good, and yummy!

4:15: I relax a little after eating 🙂  The food was great!

5:00: The new Tropical Storm Isaac update comes out.  Same thing with the track pushing a little closer to New Orleans.  The day ain’t getting any shorter, so time to go outside and finish putting up the boards.

5:15: Everything is back and ready to go to start putting the boards up again.

5:45: 8 holes drilled, 8 anchors, 8 bolts, and 4 brackets, and the third board is up on the side of the house.  Time to do the 3 boards for the Spanish Windows on the front of the house.

6:00: 6 holes drilled, 4 anchors, 4 bolts, 2 plastic anchors, 2 screws, and a board later, and switching to the new masonry drill bit because it seems the one we were using got dull, the first front window is done.

6:15: 6 holes drilled, 4 anchors, 4 bolts, 2 plastic anchors, 2 screws, and a board later, the second front window is done.

6:30: 6 holes drilled, 4 anchors, 4 bolts, 2 plastic anchors, 2 screws, and a board later, the third front window is done.

6:45: My dad and I pick up all the tools, and I go to the back yard and wash off the red brick dust that is all over my arms.  I have pushed myself, and I feel it.  I couldn’t do anything else today if I wanted to.  I am spent.  I need to get a cool shower and rest.

7:00: I am inside getting my cool shower.

7:15: I am out of the shower, I show my dad the updated track which has the storm coming closer to New Orleans with this track.

7:30: I eat some bread pudding that my Aunt Estella and Uncle Vic brought over while I was outside putting up the boards.  MMMM, Yummy as always, Aunt Estella knows how to cook 🙂

8:00: I just sit on the Sofa, watching the news with my dad and my wife who is now home and eating some bread pudding as her supper.

9:30: I am laying in bed, a little exhausted, but I am good.

9:52: The 10:00 Model comes out, this time the storm is right over New Orleans.  Hopefully they keep pushing this storm more west, but we will see with the next update at 1 AM.

10:30: I do some research on a few different things.

11:59: Another day is gone. I really should crash, although I am not completely ready to crash I should get some rest after a hard day’s work.  I got some last minute things to do at the office to prepare for the storm.

© Craig