Chemo Day #3 + 8


8:30: I am up for today.  I know I got some last minute preparations to do at the office before heading back home for the night to bunker down for the Tropical Storm Isaac.

8:35: I let Buster out, it looks some calm and peaceful outside, the calm before the storm.

9:00: I head out to my office.  Not too many people are on the road.  Pretty calm compared to yeseterday’s traffic.

9:10: I pull into the empty parking lot of my office, no one else is here but me.

9:15: I go across the hall and retrieve the packages that were delivered for me yesterday evening while I was at my client’s location.

9:20: I unpack the three packages.  The first is the AIM-CUE card for my cisco router which will allow me to put voicemail on it for one of my clients.  The second is 2 surge protectors for one of my clients.  The third is a toner for another one of my clients.

9:30: I put the AIM-CUE in the router, and power it on to configure the card, I go in the other room and start the configurations process.

10:30: I am done configuring most of the basics.  I will add more configurations once the router and system is in place.  I pack up the router, wrap it in its plastic, and put it in the box.  I also pack up the one phone that I was testing everything out with and put it in it’s box.  I put them furthest away from the window and cover them with some plastic.  I then push the couch away from the window and put it up against the boxes on the other side the room.  I unplug the basic electrical equipment I have in that room incase the something does happen to the window that I can hopefully dry it out and still use it.  Nothing major, just some minor things.

11:30: I catch up on some more administrative work while I do some research on the storm while also having the TV tuned to various news channels.

12:20: The storm has been upgraded, hello Hurricane Isaac.

1:00: I get the UPS that I brought over from my house and pack it up to go back home to provide backup power to my cable modem and router and network equipment.  That way if we do lose power, I can still get online using my laptop batteries and the equipment on the Battery Backup until I can get the generator in place and online.

2:00: I am done here at my office, time to head on home.

2:10: I get home and unpack the van.

2:30: I then take out 2 Pizzas and a Lasagna out the back freezer.  If we lose power we are going to lose all the food in the freezer and fridge if it goes out for an extended period of time, so may as well start cooking some now.  The Pizza is to cover Lunch, and the Lasagna is for 9 pm tonight.  I know its going to be a long night.  I throw the Pizzas into the oven and let the Lasagna sit out to defrost.

2:35: The Pizzas go in the oven at 400.

3:00: The Pizzas come out.  Very good and tasty.  My dad is just getting home as well.

4:00: Just monitoring the storm and weather conditions sitting at the computer in the living room.

6:00: The real fun begins.  The conditions outside are starting to deterioate.

7:00: Strong winds and rain can be heard.

7:30: My mom puts the Lasagna into the oven.

9:00: The Lasagna is out the oven, just needs to cool off.

9:15: The Lasagna is ready to eat.  I get off the computer for a break to eat some Lasagna.  Mmm Mmm Good!  I havn’t had Lasagna in a while.

9:30: I get an email saying that I lost power at the office.  I have been getting emails all evening of power dips where the battery backup kicked in for 2 seconds.  But this time the power isn’t coming back up.

9:43: I get an email saying that the battery backup at the office is low.  So sure enough the power has been out for 13 minutes and its not coming back up anytime soon.

9:45: My office is now offline.

10:00: I am back on the computer, looking out the back door and the front door occasionally.

11:00: The weather just keeps getting worse outside.

11:59: Catch tomorrow’s entry for the continuation on the storm.

© Craig