Chemo Day #3 + 9


7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and Welcome Hurricane Isaac

12:00: I am still sitting at the computer watching the weather as it goes.  I think I will go lay down for a little bit.  I go in my room, lay in bed, and pull the laptop out on the bed to watch some more.

1:00: The gusts really start going good outside.  I look out the back door and look out the front door. It is very nasty outside.  I am mainly checking for any flooding.

2:00: My dad joins me on his computer while I am on my computer.  He turns on the news streaming on the computer.  It appears that the storm is stationary and has stalled and just sitting with the eye over the Gulf.

3:00: Yep the storm is still stationary.  We are getting hammered pretty good with some inner squalls.  Wind driven rain, and very powerful gust.  It is raining tree branches and anything else that gets launched into the air with the heavy winds.

4:00: It appears that the storm is moving, but it is not really moving.  They drew a circle I found out later and it just spun in the same circle for 6 hours.

4:15: The Internet, TV, and Phone go down at the house.  We have lost our cable connection.  Not really anything to do now but go to sleep, so into the room I go, and it doesn’t take long to fall asleep.  Although I do hear a few big noises outside while trying to fall asleep and I hear the power flicker 3 or 4 times because the UPS beeps everytime it has to kick in because of a dip in power.

11:30: I wake up, I know the storm is still going on.  I get up and go to scout things out.  My dad told me that small young tree in the back yard had snapped and was leaning up against the house, so he went outside and cut the tree all the way through so it wouldn’t be leaning against the house and beating up the roof and gutters.  Interesting site.

12:00: We turn on the TV, but no TV, my Dad has a digital antenna in his room to catch some extra channels besides the cable TV.  He gets the antenna and hooks it up to the TV in the Den.  I have to use my phone to go online to get an unlock code so that the antenna mode of the TV can do a scan.  I get the code, put it in, then scan. We pick up 16 channels.  The Digital Air TV is a pain in the yup.  At least the old Analog Air TV you could get get the reception or just audio if you couldn’t get a clear picture.  You could get a fuzzy picture, move the old antenna’s around and you could clear it up.  The Digital Air TV doesn’t work like that.  It works like anything else Digital, it either works or it does’t.  We take about 30 minutes playing with the antenna and the scanning to get the channels and to get it to work right.  The TV most of the time was choppy, dropping the picture and sound and chopping it up because it lost the digital signal.  The analog would have never had these problems.  Stupid Digital Conversion Crap.  That was a dumb idea.  We get it working pretty good with it droppig out every now and then.

1:30: My dad and I go outside.  We notice a lot of cars coming from a busier block over, and we figure that the road must be blocked or something because the cars appear to be detouring.

2:00: I put on my Dad’s rain coat and go for a walk.  Yep, I found out the issue.  There is a tree completely blocking the road way.  It has snapped at its trunk and laying across the road way.  It pulled the electrical wire of the pole, the electrical pipe coming out the roof of the house is broken, and looking up at the transformer on the pole, it is brown and black, a sure sign that it blew up when all this happened.  I take a few pics while I am site seeing.

3:00: I am back inside.  I go out in the back freezer, grab an Apple Pie, another Pizza, and some Catfish to cook tonight for supper.

3:10: I throw the Pizza in the oven.

3:35: I take the Pizza out the oven and throw in the Pie.

3:40: The Pizza tastes great.

4:35: My dad takes the Pie out the oven.  Oops, I didn’t put a pan underneath it, I got a little bit of a mess to clean up.

5:00: I eat some Pie, nice and sweet.

5:30: Our neighbor across the street comes over and talks a little bit outside.

6:00: I head back inside, and go lay in bed for a little bit.  I wanted to fall asleep, but I had to catch up on my blog for yesterday and today, so I am typing it in Notepad till the internet comes back up so I can update the blog.

7:15: I am done typing and dozing off a little. I am going to go check on the fish that my mom is cooking 🙂

7:20: Mmm Good Fish!

8:00: I go back to sitting on the lazy boy.  It won’t be a late night tonight, I am already feeling a little tired already.

10:00: The latest readings come out.  It is slowly moving towards Baton Rouge, not there yet.  It feels like hanging out a little longer.

11:00: I am in bed, along day, but I am good!

© Craig