Chemo Day #3: ~~~~ 9 More to Go


11:00: I am up, my wife needs to be at school for noon. I got my chemo scheduled for 1:00.  I let buster out.

12:00: I start getting ready to leave.

12:30: I eat some cheerios.

12:40: I put on my lidocane cream and put my syran wrap over to keep it from evaporating and so that it can be absorbed by the skin.

12:50: My sister is driving me and we leave the house and drive over to the East Jefferson General Hospital Yenni Treatment Center.

1:05: We arrive. I go in downstairs and check in.

1:10: I am upstairs in the waiting room waiting to be called into the infusion room.

1:27: I am taken out of the waiting room.

1:30: I take a seat in Chair 7.

1:31: They take my temperature which is 99.0, and my blood pressure which is 131/89.  Just sitting here waiting for them to hook me up and pump me up…

1:50: I sign the 4n consent forms for the 4 Chemo drugs they are going to pump into me.

2:15: They are going to access my port and hook up the needle.

2:25: They are done, the needle is in me, I didn’t feel a thing, that lidocane cream worked like a charm.  Now I just gotta wait for my saline drip to be hooked up…

2:32: They hook me up to my saline drip…

2:50: They start my premeds, the zofran and another drug.

3:00: My mother shows up, and relieves my sister, my sister is off, thanks sis!

3:20: They start my emend drugs.

4:00: The Adriamycin is starting to be pumped into me.  See the nice red color :P  The nurse gives 2 Popsicles to keep the nasty taste of the drug out of my mouth.

4:15: The Adriamycin is done.  They turn on the pump to flush saline for 5 minutes.

4:20: They hook up my Bleomucin and start pumping that into me.

4:25: My dad gets here, and we let my mom go home and rest.

4:35: The Bleomucin is done, time for the next drug.

4:40: They push  the Vinblastine out of the syringe.  This time the nurse takes her time.  Last time I think it was pushed a little fast, and I could feel some pain during the push, this time no pain, the push went perfect.

4:50: They hook up my Dacarbazine and start pumping that into me.

5:30: The Dacarbazine is done, now they are just flushing the line with saline.

5:46: They take my blood pressure 115/73, and my temp is 98.7.

5:47: The turn off the pump.  Flush my line, and pull the needle out.  I am good to go.

5:55: Packing up my laptop and shutting down, see you when I get home…

6:00: I am up out of the chair, and walking with my dad down to the car.

6:10: We are in the car, and heading home.

6:25: We arrive home.  I turn on the oven to 400.  I decided that I wanted some mozzarella sticks for supper.  Not fried this time, just baked.

6:40: The mozzarella sticks are out of the oven.

6:50: I eat some mozzarella sticks with my mom and dad.  I put off my second round to my wife gets home from school.

7:20: My wife gets home and we eat.

7:40: I help my wife with a thing or two on the computer.

8:00: I am laying back in bed.  For some reason I just feel tired!  Could be this additional chemo treatment, IDK…

8:30: I am knocked out, sleeping.

11:30: I wake up, I take buster out, and visit the bathroom myself.  I am still tired/weak, so I lay back in bed.


© Craig