Chemo Day #4 + 11


11:00: I get out of bed.  I am rested and ready to start my day.  My mom went to McDonalds this morning and picked up some Egg McMuffins.  I can’t remember the last time I had one of these.  So I go ahead and eat two of them 😛

11:45: I shave my face and my head, I like keeping a low profile 😉

12:00: I jump in the shower.

12:15: I jump out of the shower.

12:30: I am on my computer at home.  I remote into a clients computer and start working on it.  They are having an issue of installing any windows updates, matter of fact, is has never installed any updates.  I work on the laptop on and off trying to diagnose exactly what is causing windows to not update.

1:00: I update the phone system I was working on with a hold-alert after 90 seconds to remind the users that they have a call on hold.  I first put the settings in place on the phone system I have at my office since it is the same phone system and then I apply it to their phone system.  I also add a button to the receptionist side cars for quicker forwarding to voicemail when closing for the day.

1:30: I quickly put together a Dell shopping cart for a new computer for the client who had email issues earlier this week.   I email them the the cart once I am done.

1:45: I get done applying the settings for the phone system.  I then go back to checking on the non updating laptop.  It won’t even run a microsoft fix to fix microsoft updates, and it won’t start a scan to verify that the integrity of the system files.  I download and run 2 different malware scans.

3:00: I am tired of sitting up.  I go to my room and lay on my bed, and use my laptop.  While the scan is scanning, I start billing for all the work I did all week.

4:00: The first scan finishes up, and I still can’t do anything on the computer, so I start a second program to scan.

4:15: I start entering in hardware that was used for the work throughout the week.

5:30: I get to a point on the computer with the update problems that I am starting to run out of options.  It is looking like that I am going to have to attempt a repair install more and more.  Hopefully not a complete reinstall, but it is possible.  It is the terrible vista operating system, blah.

6:00: I email the client letting them know that the laptop is not repairable remotely.  I will have to get my hands on the laptop and try doing a repair install and see if that fixes the issue.

6:45: I finish putting the billing and items throughout the week.

7:00: My dad throws the boneless pork ribs on the BBQ pit.

7:45: The ribs come off the pit.  Nice and juicy and tender ribs. MMM.  I eat a few just with their natural flavor, then I eat 2 with some Heinz 57, and some more with the A1 Bold and Spicy.  Good stuff!  Great food as always, I know how to eat 😛

9:00: I am laying back in bed, just doing some research and making sure everything is good to go from this week.  I have Chemo again on Monday, so if there is anything else I have to do, I will have to do it tomorrow.

10:00: I log into the blog and start updating today’s happenings along with checking some emails!

11:50: I see my computer is offline at work, blah, I will have to go in tomorrow to see why it is offline.

11:59: Another day is over.


© Craig