Chemo Day #4 + 12


11:15: I get up out of bed, I take buster out, and setup my laptop in the lazy-boy chair again.  I turn on the TV in preparation of the Saints game.

11:30: My mom starts to prepare the minute steaks she is going to fry for lunch.

12:00: Kick off.

12:15: I am chatting online with my gaming buddy from England.  It appears that I am going to be moving the gaming clan’s website and forums over to my servers at the office.

12:30:  Lunch is ready.

12:45: I tear into lunch.  Fried minute steaks 🙂  I eat a number of them.  Mmm. Minutes Fried Steaks, my favorite!

1:30: I am done eating the steaks, and now I go lay in my room to watch rest of the game be on the computer.

2:00: I start working on downloading everything from the old clan website.  I also download the 3 databases as well.

2:45: I have all the databases downloaded.

3:15: I have all the website files downloaded.

3:3:0 I start uploading the website files to my server.

3:35: My dad and I go to my wife’s work, as she locked her keys in her car.

3:45: We arrive at her work, and she uses my keys to unlock her car.

3:55: We head back home.

4:05: We get back home, and I lay on the bed and continue the transfer work.  I start uploading the databases to the new server.

7:00: The transfers are complete.  The website is now up and running, so everthing is good to go!  I’ll configure the teamspeak server later tonight.

8:00: My dad and I head over to my office. We turn on my computer which turned itself off. We also have a big UPS that we need to move downstairs to my van, so he goes back and gets the ups out the van. He gets the handtruck up, and we do a few other things around the office. The we load up the handtruck, and head downstairs and we load the.van.

9:15: We are on our way to the clients office uptown.

9:45: we get to the clients office and unload the van. I get the closet ready and out in a new surge protector and my dad goes upstairs and unpacks and puts in place the new computer for upstairs. Then he comes down and helps me unpack the heavy 50lbs ups. We put this in place and hook up the network and alarm to it. We then out everything back in the closet that we took out and power it all up. Everything works. We then go upstairs and hook up a small switch and kvm to the new computer so the both can be used until I get the proprietary software loaded onto the new mqhine that they use almost everyday. The new key code is like an act of congress. The manufacturer in France has to be contacted by the company here to relay all the info, get a response, then relay all that info to me, so that will have to be another day. We go downstairs and start packing up. I call the phones on the wat out to make sure that they were still working after finishing the closet. The voicemail picks up, so everything is good from that perspective.

11:45: My dad and I get in the van to leave. Before we pull out, I do check the roof of my van, nothing is there, good. I drive us on home.

© Craig