Chemo Day #4 + 2


1:30:  Yes it is 1:30 PM, and I am just waking up.  For some reason this round has me more tired than usual.  I am tired and out of it.  However I have to get up.  I get up, let Buster out, and eat some Wendy’s for lunch.

2:30: I go on my computer and do some work and return some phone calls and emails that I received while I was sleeping.

3:30: My dad and I head over to my office to pay the rent, check the mail, and take care of a few other administrative tasks.

6:30: My dad and I head back home.

7:00: I eat another Wendy’s hamburger, and go and lay down in bed, and crash hard.

11:30: I get up, eat a Big Mac from McDonald’s that my mom had picked up while I was sleeping, and then back to bed.  This may be the shortest post yet, but most of my day was spent sleeping…

© Craig