Chemo Day #4 + 3


11:30: I get up.  I am feeling OK, but a little weak and a little nauseated, but OK.  I do some work on the computer and eat a Big Mac.  I also take a Zofran to take care of my nausea.

12:10: My wife calls me saying that she locked her keys in her car at school.  I tell her she should go to class first and call me after her classes and I will bring her the spare key, she goes to her class and will call me later.

12:20: I call a client who had called me the day before who had problems with their computer blue screening since the storm.  I tell them that I can come over today, right after I get out the shower.

12:30: I jump in the shower.

12:40: I jump out the shower.

12:50: I jump in my van and head to my office.  I pick up the CDs I need to fix the computer.

1:00: I leave my office.

1:10: I arrive on site.

1:15: I start scanning the computer with a chkdsk scan because the blue screen is showing the bootable partition unmountable.

3:00: The scan finishes up. I reboot the computer.  I login and everything seems to be running fine.  I will check back with him on Monday.

3:15: I head on out.  I get into my van and head over to Delgado to unlock my wife’s car for her.

3:35: I meet my wife and unlock the car for her.  I then head on over to my CPA to pick up the tax work for 2011 that needs to be filed by September 15th, 2012, because the extension was filed.

4:00: I get to my CPA’s office, and she goes over everything with me.

4:20: I head on over to my office.

5:30: I head on over to do some firmware upgrades on the phone system I am installing.

6:00: I pick up 2 McDoubles from McDonalds on Claiborne, little did I know a doctor got held up just a day before at this McDonalds.

6:45: I get to the office and eat my McDoubles.

7:00: I go to work upgrading the firmware on the phones from the factory firmware.

9:00: I finish the upgrade on the 10 phones which took 3 rounds of updates to get to the latest version.  An office upstairs used to have a phone at  second desk, but not a computer.  I change out the wall plate to an RJ45 jack.  I then go down to the com closet and tone out the line.  I find it in the stack of telephone cables.  I need to punch down the telephone cables to be able to use some of them as network cables.   I then move the 66 punch block for the phones on its side in the closet.  I then pull all the telephone cables that are Cat5e Cables and bunch them together.  I then mounted a 12 port Cat5e Network Patch Panel to the wall in the com closet.  I punched down the 12 lines and find the line that is being toned out.  I then run that line from that patch panel up to the patch panel that I have in the rack.  This is usually a no no, but when the current wires are too short to do anything else with, you gotta do, what you gotta do.  I punch down the patch cable that I make once side RJ45, the other side RJ45 Keystone Jack and put it into the panel.  I then test the cable and it passes.  I move the phone to the desk and plug it in.  This phone will not operate till the I get the Powered Network Switch that should come in on Monday.

11:00: I take apart the two front phones.  I take off the stands and add on the stands that will support the side cars.  I add the side cars, but the side cars I got are not compatible with the phones.  BLAH My Chemo Brain has tricked me up again.  I configure the phones to handle the cars when I get them in, and I also add the extra mailboxes to the phone systems for the office.

11:59: I am done for today.  I start packing up everything and loading my van.

© Craig