Chemo Day #4 + 4


12:30: I done for tonight, and heading home.

12:50: As I am getting close to home I call the office I was at just to see if the Answer Machine picks up.  It doesn’t.

1:00: I go inside and check a few things and the configuration looks right, so I better head back over to the office or they will be calling me in the morning if the phones don’t work.

1:25: I get back at the office and I can dial out, so its not an issue with the phone lines.  I do some closer research and change a few settings and then I am able to call the voicemail again, so that problem is resolved.

1:40: I get in my van and head back home.

2:00: I get home, get washed up, and jump into bed.

1:00: I wake up.  A good 11 hour rest.  My body needs its more rest lately, but whatever it wants, I’ll let it have, I won’t push it too much, but within limits.

1:15: I eat the last Big Mac that was in the fridge.

2:00: I am laying in bed again, mainly because I don’t feel like sitting in my computer chair.  I start all the administrative work of putting together all the billing for the phone system I am putting together, and other work I have done this week.

6:00: I get out of bed and eat supper which is BBQ’s Hot Dog’s, Sausage, and Turkey Burgers, Lamb Burgers, and regular Hamburgers.

7:00: I am laying back in bed.  I finish up inputting everything I purchased into the system and all the detail about all the work I did.

9:00: I am just relaxing watching TV now.  I feel a little nauseated.  Not from food, just from smells and weird tastes that are starting to come to my mouth for no reason now.  Its all reminding me of Chemo which is not a lovely thing.

11:00: I eat some country fried steak that my wife brought home from work and it is good!!!

11:59: I am watching Pawn Stars on the history channel, about to fall asleep, but another day is gone!

© Craig