Chemo Day #4 + 5


11:00: I wake up.  I can’t sleep too much later the Saints game will be on soon.  Also we are having company over for lunch!

12:00: Kick-Off.

1:45: The guest arrive!  My sister and her husband, and Aunt Estella and Uncle Victor!  Aunt Estella has brought her great Bread Pudding again!  Can’t wait for that!

2:00: Lunch!  We have Baked Macaroni!  My Favorite!  Meatballs and red sauce, but always a plate of just Baked Macaroni first for that cheesy flavor.  We also have Squash and Shrimp Dressing that my mom made which is great!  My sister grabs my second plate for me some baked macaroni with some red sauce and a Meatball.

3:15: I eat some Bread Pudding, mmm, mmm good!  There is also chocolate chip cookie cake for my Sister’s bday.

3:30: The game ends terribly for the Saints 32-40, Redskins win…

4:00: My dad and I head over to my Aunt Estella and Uncle Victor’s house which is right around the corner.  I setup their wireless router and add the security, I setup the wireless on the desktop computer, I setup the wireless on a small tablet that they have, and I also set the wireless adapter on the TV.

4:30: My dad and I are headed back home.  I go lay in bed and get on my computer.  I am a little tired, so I will just take it easy on the bed.  I do catch a few Zzzz’s here and there.

8:00: I wake up and watch some TV while on my computer researching a few things on Remote Desktops and Backups.

11:00: I am dozing back off…

11:59: Goodnight!

© Craig