Chemo Day #4 + 6


11:30: I get out of bed. I let buster out and go grab a shower.

12:00: I head out to the office.

12:15: I get to the office.

12:30: I catch up on a few admin things.  I am also working on the media computer, no music in the office without this computer :(.  I believe the motherboard is failing, so time to toss out this computer and bring up the next oldest box I got for basic music streaming.

1:00: I am doing things various things around the office.  Nothing too critical, just small things.

2:45: I get a call from a client in New Orleans East who has not had internet access for a few days and the network is not working properly.  I grab two network switch, get in my van, and drive the 15 miles.

3:30: I arrive on site.  I see the old switch not doing anything, lights are lit, but nothing is happening on the network.  I remove the switch, I put the new switch in.  I then unpack and configure a new router that she had as well.  I setup the DSL username and password, and the internet comes up, along with the network.  The network printer starts spitting out pages, and everything looks to be back up and running.  I retip some wires that have broken tips.  I test a computer that was moved from one location to a new location.  I also looked at a UPS that was having issues.  The wrong batteries were purchased for the UPS, so I will purchase the correct batteries to get the UPS up and functioning again.

5:30: Everything is good to go at the office, so I get in my van and head back to my office.

6:00: I get back to my office and get the new monitor, side cars for the phones, and a few other small items I need to do some work tonight.  I head on over to the house and grab a quick bite to eat.

6:15: I am home.

6:20: I eat 2 meatball on bread with mayo sandwiches.

6:50: My dad and I in my van heading back uptown to the client’s office.

7:15: We gt to the client’s office and go to work.  I have my dad unpack 2 of the 3 new computers.  While he is unpacking I start cutting finishing up the rack install.  I install the two wire managements into the rack.  I install the router into the rack, and I install the new network switch that came in today into the rack.  I then pull new cable from a 1000 ft box and cut the wires from the patch panel to the switch to length and cut the ends and tip them.

9:30: I am finished with all the network wire install.  I now begin to configure the switch.  There are to networks in one, the phone network and the computer network.  I need to configure the switch to handle both and also, so that the phones hand off the computer network from their second port.

10:30: The network is completely configured.  I have rebooted the router and the switch multiple times to make sure that the correct configuration comes back up.

11:00: I backup the configurations on the two computers I am about to change out.  Windows XP 32bit to Windows 7 64bit.  I then have my dad change out the first computer.

11:15: I install my remote software on the new computer and sit by the front desk computer and remote in.  The computer is at a station that is used when standing up, and I don’t feel like standing up the whole time to configure it.  I remove all the uneeded software that comes with it from Dell.  I then join it to domain.  Login as the admin, add the antivirus software, add Microsoft Office, add the local label printer and share it.

11:59: Look at that, another day gone, check me finishing up this computer in tomorrow’s post.


© Craig