Chemo Day #4 + 8


12:00: I continue bugging AT&T and then just finally give up with them, the lady is clueless on how to respond to my request as it is completely over her head.

12:15: I gather all the information into print format.  I print up the IP Address, my reports on where the IP Address is etc.

1:00: My dad and I get in the car and go to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office to try to follow up with the new information.  We go to two separate police stations, no one is at either location, just dark offices and locked doors, oh well, guess this will have to be something we do tomorrow.  We drive around and then head home.

3:00: We arrive home, time to grab some shut eye.  Hopefully the guy will call me.

7:10: I get a call from a client.  The internet is down and the phones are down.  I have them reboot the router and the switch and everything comes back up OK.

7:30: I remote into the server to check the settings.  All the settings are ok.  There is an error from a duplex mismatch between the router and the cable modem, so I fix that issue, everything else is good to go.  I hang up with them after I confirm my changes didn’t affect them negatively.

7:45: I doze back off.

9:09: Another client calls me.  They cannot open their outlook.  Outlook is saying that the file was closed incorrectly and needs to be checked, however the time to check the files keeps growing and growing and the end doesn’t seem anywhere in site.  I remote into the computer and delete the outlook account.  I then create a new account so that it can download all of the emails from the server.  No worries, the server stores everything, so it is just a simple download of everything again.  The download starts and everything is workable, slow, but workable.

9:29: I hang up the phone and doze back off to sleep.

11:15: My wife and I wake up and get out of bed.  She gets ready for school, and I take out Buster and get ready to get a shower.

11:30: My wife leaves for school. I shave my face and my head.  It takes a little while because it has been a few days since I have shaved my head.

11:55: I get a call from the email client.  They have run out of disk space.  I remote back in and delete the old outlook file, and that clears up the issues.  Its really time for a new computer.  The computer is the oldest computer at this office.

12:10: I jump into the shower.

12:25: I jump out of the shower.

12:45: I head out over to my office.

1:00: I get to my office.

1:10:  I go across the hall and get some packages that were delivered there.

1:30: I sit down and start checking emails and do some ordering.

1:45: I get a call from a client, their voicemail system is not working on their phone system.  I look into the issue and it seems that the flash card has been corrupted inside the system.  This means I will have to take it apart and reflash the card and then reinstall the software for the voicemail.  No big deal, I’ll take care of this tonight.

2:00: I type up another follow up on the previous night for the officer.

2:45: I head over to the bank to make a deposit for the checks I received this week in the mail.

3:00: The officer I spoke to comes back on duty, but is out on the streets, I get the fax number to the police station.

3:15: I fax over the updates to be added to the report and aid them in their follow up.

3:30: I start to do some billing for the previous few days work.

4:00: I do my own research on different techniques to gain access to information that will help me also search for the exact whereabouts of my laptop.

6:30: I leave the office and head home.  I eat 3 left over meatballs for supper.

7:00: My dad and I head out the house and back uptown to do some more work.

7:30: We get to the office.  We take out the router to get the the voicemail flash. We plug the router back in and I put in a CD into another computer.  I pull the image for the card off of the server I have at my office.  We then pull the router back out and pop the card back in when we are done.

8:15: I start reinstall the software on the voicemail flash.  Again downloading everything from my office servers to the card.

9:30: I am done reinstalling the voicemail flash.  The voicemail is completely operational again. I even discover how to backup the voicemail flash this time, so I can save the greetings set already incase of a future crash.

9:45: My dad finishes swapping out one of the old computers with a new computer.  Time to configure the new computer.

9:50: I remove the virus software that comes with the computer.  I also remove all the unneeded software installed on the computer.

10:30: I add the computer to the domain and start prepping to install the software used on the domain.

10:49: I receive a phone call.  What do you know, its the guy who has my laptop.  He is at the Walmart on Jefferson Highway.  I tell him that if he can wait about 30 minutes, I’ll be there since I am all the way uptown.  My dad and I stop what we are doing, get in my van, and drive down Magazine Street all the way to River Road.  I then take river road all the way to a street that runs behind Walmart.  I turn up that street and and then pull into the parking lot looking for his car.

11:19: I drive across the lot and find him.  He sees me, opens up his car and grabs the laptop in its bag.  I grab the cash out my wallet leaving that and my keys in my van.  My dad also gets out the van.  He gives me the laptop, and I give him the $100.00.  So it all works out.  Its my red case, I open the case, make sure it is my laptop, I boot it up and it has my and my dad’s login on the screen.  Everything is in good shape and surprisingly the laptop survived the fall from 6ft and moving at 35 mph.

11:29: My dad and I are heading out.  Back to the office we go.

11:49: We get back to the office and continue working where we left off. I install the office antivirus.

11:59: What ya know, another day gone, I got my laptop back, so all is very good!

© Craig