Chemo Day #4: ~~~~ 8 More to Go


2:30: I give up on finishing up the phone firmware tonight.  I get the spare phone and a phone not being used yet and put them in place of the phones that are stuck trying to upgrade their firmware.

3:00: I get home.

3:15: I continue working on the phones. When I get home, I hate not finishing something once I have started.  I get the firmware’s loading and go to bed.

8:00: A client calls me about a duplicate ip address.  They attempt a repair and still get the same issue.  I remove all dhcp clients on the server and restart the dhcp server, I restart the router and the switch. That still does not resolve the issue.  Someone has that IP.  I just go ahead and reserve the mac address to have an ip that is not int he range, and that resolves the issue.  I doze back off to slee.

11:30: I get out of bed. I got Chemo @ 1.

12:00: I jump in the shower.

12:15: I jump out the shower.

12:30: I put on the lidocane  cream on the port and cover it with saran wrap so that it is numbed up by the time they stick me.

12:40: My dad and head out over to the Yenni Treatment Center.

12:50: We arrive at the Yenni Treatment Center.

12:53: I check in, and head on upstairs to the waiting room.

1:05: They come get us out the waiting room, 3 of us.  They call out our assignments and we go to our chairs/rooms.

1:10: The nurse takes my temperature and blood pressure.  98.6 and 125/83.

1:20: I plug in my laptop power cord behind the chair, power it on and get ready to broadcast another day at the treatment center.

1:40: The needle is in, let’s get this party started.  I have just a saline drip flowing at 20L/hr.

1:56: This day is caught up.  Just waiting for the anti nausea medicines.

2:30: I sign the consent forms.

2:40: The Zofran and another medicine is started to be dripped into me.

3:07: I get my first beeping on my pump, the Zofran is done.

3:25: They take my temperature and blood pressure again. 99.0 and 117/82.

3:27: The emen starts to get pumped into me!

4:05: They put in my Adriamycin.

4:25: My Adriaymcin is done.

4:40: They start my next drug bleomycin.

5:00: My bleomycin is done.

5:10: The nurse pushes the syringe of vinblastine into me.

5:13: The vinblastine is all in me.

5:15: They start pushing the dacarbazine.

I am just tired, hot, and out of it…  I am good though, just loopy!

6:15: They finish the dacarbazine, and I am done.  The nurse pushes some saline to clear the line an heparin to keep the line from clotting.

6:20: Time to pack up and head on out!

6:40: We get home.  My mom has picked up some Pizza’s from Whole Foods. As always food is good!

7:30: I am laying in bed, on my computer, tired, and I finally doze off to sleep.

11:30: I wake up, get up get some drink, and do a few things, then go lay back in bed.

11:59: Still laying in bed, but another day done…

© Craig