Chemo Day #4 + 9


12:00: I install office on the machine, install the local printer and share it, and install the network printers from other computers.  I then log into the account used by the staff and check out everything.  Everything checks out great, so my dad and I can head out.

12:30: We get in the van and head out.  This time my laptop is inside my van, not on top of my van.

12:50: We get home.  I eat some spaghetti and red sauce along with some cheese sprinkled on top.

1:30: I am laying in bed.  I got my laptop back, so I will sleep really well tonight!

8:23: I get a call waking me up.  It is from a client asking about ringers on the phone.  They see the extra ringers added but they cannot assign them to other extensions.  I tell them that I am going to finish that feature later tonight.  I just got the extra ringers added last night and need to do some more configuring tonight.

8:30: I don’t want to get up just yet, but I do have a doctor’s appointment for 9:30:  I doze back off.

9:10: I wake up.  I 20 mins to my appointment.  I grab my keys and wallet and head out the door.

9:27: I get to the parking garage, once again what is it with people that can’t park between the two yellow lines.

9:30 I find a parking spot.

9:35: I walk into the office.  I am seated in my own area that way I don’t have to be around the other patients that are sick.

10:03: I am showed to the patient room. The nurse even wipes down the chair before I sit down.

10:10: Dr. Jacob shows and goes through the check up.  He  is making sure that I am doing well.  He liked what he sees, likes my attitude, all is well!

10:25: I leave the hospital, and head over to another hospital closer to my house where I always go for my bloodwork.

10:35: I get there, and it is raining.  The whole parking lot is full.  I end up parking on the 4th level of the parking garage.  I take the elevator down to the ground level, and then walk across the parking lot in a light rain to the other building.

10:40: I sign in and wait.

10:42: I am called to the back.

10:50: The nurse sticks me twice with the same needle, and gets it on the second poke.  Its a butterfly needle, so I barely feel it.

10:55: I am out of there.

11:05: I get home, my wife is just leaving for work.

11:15: I jump in the shower.

11:30: I jump out the shower.

11:45: I get in my van and head over to my office.

12:00: I get to the office.

12:10: I go down the hall and pick up a laptop from a client who is having issues booting the laptop.

12:20: I start working on the laptop, but it appears that this laptop is going to be a challenge.  It won’t boot.  The hard drive is also inaccessible and not readable.  I also attempt to repair the music computer for the shop one last time, but now it appears the motherboard has had it, as it doesn’t even make it through its self check without freezing.

12:30: I get a call from a client that is having issues logging into quickbooks.  She forgot her password.  Luckily she told me some time ago, I remote into the computer and I try it with her.  It works, she just wasn’t putting it together right.

1:00: I take the hard drive out the laptop and try to do a scan connected to another computer.  The scan won’t work, and the hard drive’s partitions is showing up as empty.

2:30: I head back uptown to the police station to talk to the office that I reported the laptop as missing to as found so that the serial number can be pulled off of the missing/stolen list.

3:00: I park a block away again and walk over to the Police Station.

3:07: I get inside the police station and ask for the officer.  I take a seat and wait for him to show up.

3:10: The officer meets up with me and tells me that they are working on it.  I show him that I have my laptop back.  He runs upstairs to tell the detective that he has on the case to stop investigating it.  The investigator had just called Cox and got the exact address of the first IP address.  It was a Popeyes just a few blocks down the street.  They hadn’t researched the second IP yet, but that was it I got my laptop back, so they could close the missing item report.

3:20: I leave the police station.

3:30: I arrive at the office I have been doing work at.  I install the two computers upstairs, one new location and one at a location where a computer was fried when the lighting strike happened.  I completely configure them for their locations.  I also find that the upstairs monitor is out and needs to be replaced.  I also do some network

6:30: I am done working for today, time to head home.

7:00: I get home.  The steaks that my dad are cooking are just about done.

7:15: We all sit down and eat the steaks. I have 2 or 3, very good.  The first one without any steak sauce the others with the A1 Bold & Spicy.

8:00: Food is all done, mmm, mmm, good.

8:15: I lay in my bed and catch up on billing for the week and a few other admin things.  I also remote into the office to fix the ringers.

11:00: I start dozing off.  Long night. ZzZzZzZzZz


© Craig