Chemo Day #5 + 1


11:00: I wake up, and my mom is just getting home ready to bring me to my Pet Scan appointment.  Time to scan me and see how the tumors are reacting to the chemo therapy.

11:15: We leave the house.

11:25: We get to the Yenni Treatment Center at East Jefferson General Hospital.  I check in at the front desk.  They give me some paperwork to fill out.

11:35: I am finishing up the paperwork, and they bring me my delicious chalky berry shake in two styrofoam cups.  I drink them down quickly, blah.

11:40: They bring me to the back.

11:45: I am laying in a bed inside of one of the patient rooms in the back.  The nurse asks me where they usually stick me, and I show them the special spot on my right arm.  She says she can barely feel it, but she doesn’t feel anything else, so she will go for that one.  She sticks it with no problems.  She then pulls back some blood for a blood glucose reading.  The reading is 182, which is high.  She says it could be the result of having chemo the day before especially if I received any steroids with the chemo.  She said if it was over 200 they would have to postpone the test, but since it is under 200, we will proceed.  She then takes the radioactive glucose and pushes it into me.  I am then told to lay in the bed and relax and not move too much.  I will be laying here for an hour to let the radioactive glucose make its way through my body and be absorbed by the rapidly multiplying cells which are the cancer/tumor cells.

12:47: The come get me from the patient room, and have me empty my bladder, and then into the Pet Scan room.  I take off my watch, and put my phone down on the table inside the room.  I then lay down on the platform.  A foam device with two openings is placed under my knees to put me into position so I don’t move, and another foam device is placed under my head and spread apart so that I can put my elbows between my head and the foam, so that my hands are above my head.  The platform then raises up and brings me into the machine all the way for an initial scan.  This is where my hiccups start!  I am then pushed all the way out the other end the machine with just my feet in to start the section scans.  Luckily the hiccups stop by the time the section scan is still below my knees.  The whole scan process takes about 25 minutes.  The scanner takes me in about 9 inches at a time to scan me.

1:12: My scanning is done.  The nurse comes back in and takes the knees foam device out first and then my helps me sit up.  I put my watch back on, and grabbed my phone, and the nurse walked me all the way back to the front doors that I walked in from.  My mom is waiting in the front area.  She gets up, and we walk out to the car.

1:20: We get back in the car, and head out.  We are going to go eat.  I am not in the mood for too much, so some soup will work.  So we go to Jade Moon.

1:30: We get to Jade Moon.  I order a shrimp toast appetizer and a Jade Moon soup.

2:30: We are done with the appetizer and our soups, and head back home.

2:45: I jump on a client’s server to check an email issue.  I changed some settings, but the server didn’t automatically apply these settings, so I had to force the server to restart the service to apply the settings.  Once that was changed, the problems were taken care of.

3:00: I am just resting in bed, checking on a few things.

5:00: I start working on a client’s computer who wants to have remote access to his office computer through the vpn.  I start working on the computer and get most of the settings in place.  I am on the final step, and I doze off.

9:30: I wake up and get out of bed, and eat some shrimp etoufee.

10:00: I then finish the settings, and complete the remote access setup.

10:15: I am researching a few things, doing some admin work, along with closing up some work orders to be invoiced.

11:30: I finish up the work, and start dozing back off to sleep.

© Craig