Chemo Day #5 + 10


9:11: I get a call from a client who’s phone service is acting up.  Although while she is on the phone with me a call comes in on the line, which she has not been able to do all morning, so she hangs up with me to answer it.

9:30: The doc calls about Buster saying that he had a good night, he did not vomit and no diarrhea, so he is happy with what he sees.  He did not eat any food the previous night, but did eat some canned food this morning and is holding that down.  The doc will call me back later in the day with an update, and most probably Buster will be able to go home today.

9:43: A client calls me up to check up on me, I give him the results of the Pet Scan and everything the doc said, since he is a doctor himself.  He says everything is looking good then, and he looks forward to getting more updates from me when the new set of test happen.

10:00: I get up out of bed because I have to go over to Quest Diagnostics to get my blood drawn for the blood count tests before the next chemo. It is weird not having to let Buster out.

10:10: I shave my face and my head.

10:20: I jump into the shower.

10:30: I jump out of the shower.

10:40: I am in my van heading over to Quest.

10:50: I get to Quest and sign in.

11::45: I am finally seen, that felt like forever, geesh!  The nurse puts the needle in my right arm.  This is the same nurse that was flip with me about 6 weeks ago telling me that she is not the other nurses and only can work with what she feels then gave up and sent me to another nurse.  She sticks me and she is not like the others, she can’t stick a needle worth crap!  She takes about a minutes moving the needle back and forth under my skin which is painful until she gets the vein.  This vein is the easiest for the other to get, so much so that I don’t feel the needle when they stick me, the blood just comes out, this nurse hurts!!!  I fill up the two tubes of blood and I am glad to get out of there, blah!

12:00: I get back into my van, and head to my office.

12:20: I get to the office and start going to work on completing the updates on that rebuilt laptop and transferring all the data back to the laptop from the backup I took.

12:45: I get a call from a client that wants to drop off a desktop.  We tried working on it remotely but all the file associates are trashed on this computer.  It wants to know what to open up any type of file with.  The only thing she can do on the machine is browse the web, she can’t use office, open a document, open up an executable, or anything.

1:00: I go back to what I was doing working on.  Just basic things and some admin work.

4:30: I am done most of what I need to do today, time to go home so we can go pick up Buster.

5:00: I get home, and my wife is ready to go, and my mom will tag along since she also takes care of Buster when I am not feeling well and my wife is away at work or school.

5:30: We get to the vet.

5:45: We see the doc, and Buster.  Buster looks better and is happy to see us.  Doc goes over the medicine to stop his nausea and is internal pain.

6:20: We leave the vet.

6:30: We get back home.  We have to wait before feeding Buster.  We have been planning on going to Nirvana to eat Indian Food at the Buffet tonight, so we put Buster in his cage and head on out.

7:00: We get to Nirvana and park around the block and walk back to the restaurant.

7:10: We sit down. We all get the Buffet, but my wife doesn’t like certain things and can’t have anything with tomato sauce because she is allergic, so she is going to order something with spinach and cheese off the menu with rice along with some garlic bread.  The food is great as always!

8:20: The food was great, but I am stuffed 🙂  Time to head on home and check on Buster and feed him.

8:30: We head home.

8:55: We get home.  I lay on my bed to work on a few things.  However I won’t work on too much tonight.  Buster is laying right next to me, and as I am working on the computer I doze of. ZzZzZzZzZz….

11:59: Yep I was still sleeping, I am just exhausted.  Another day gone…

© Craig