Chemo Day #5 + 11


8:50: I get a call the client who’s monitors I switched out. The other night.  The auto syncing words are stuck on the screen.  I suggest that the client turn off the monitor and turn it back on.  She does this and what do you know the monitor comes back on with no problems. I doze back off.

10:30: I wake up, I take Buster outside and watch him, I then bring him back inside and feed him his half a can of food and give him some water.  I make sure he eats that with no issues.

11:00: I get my stuff for my shower.

11:10: I shave my face and my head.

11:30: I jump in the shower.

11:45: I jump out of the shower.

12:00: I am at my computer at home and I check my emails.

12:20: I call a client who would like to go over a series of invoice because they need to file them with the insurance company for a claim and need to remove a few new items that is for a new setup that was not affected.

12:40: I head on over to the Sprint store for my Dad’s phone it has been crashing and acting weird ever since we got it.

12:55: I get to the Sprint Store.  I check in and wait.

1:10: I meet with a rep, and go over the list of things the phone is doing.  I explain to him that my Dad needs the phone because he picks me up from Chemo and I need to get in contact with him at other times when I am at home resting the few days after Chemo.  He tells me that he had cancer as well and he knows what it is like to go through Chemo.  He only had 3 cycles, and has been in remission for 2 years, so its a positive note.  Since this is the third time I am bringing this phone in, he goes ahead and puts it down as a replacement, and I pay the $35 service charge to have the phone repaired/replaced since I do not have a warranty on the phone. I have never had a warranty on an of my past 10 phones and nothing has ever happened to them that was an accident.  A warranty is just a waste of money to me.

1:45: I am heading out of the Sprint store and back home so that I can feed Buster again.

2:00: I get home.  I take Buster outside, no diarrhea this time, so that is a good thing!

2:30: I put down Buster’s food, another half a can of food, he eats it with no problems.

2:45: I head on out to my office.  My sister is home, so I leave Buster out, laying on the Lazy-Boy.

2:50: I get into my van, it is raining.  I remember that my wife’s leftovers from diner last night is in the back fridge.  I get out my van walk into the back yard, get the leftovers from dinner out the fridge, and walk back to my van in the rain.

2:55: I head on over to my office.

3:05: I get to my office.  I warm up the left overs in the microwave, and enjoy the Indian Food again from last night.

3:20: I get to work, finishing up the laptop installing iTunes on it.  It gives me an issue installing it, I have to remove it, restart the computer and reinstall it again, and this time it works.  All this work on this laptop only to get iTunes installed so that she can update her phone.  Oh well the work is done, the computer is getting all its updates, and iTunes is installed.  I will evaluate the computer throughout the day and tonight to make sure it is working properly before I give it back to the client.

4:00: I catch up on some additional admin work and invoicing and billing.  The speeds on the internet are back up 😛  This is equal to about 3.75 MB down, and 0.6MB up. Very nice speeds 😛  Another reason I like to stay at my office…

6:30: I finish up what I am working on and head home.  We have Jambalaya with shrimp, chicken and sausage and some grilled salmon. MMM!

6:40: In the car.

6:50: At home.

7:00: At the table eating 🙂

8:00: I am in my room, on my laptop, doing a few things here and there, but more than anything watching TV and just relaxing!  I doze off for a little.

10:30: I wake up and feed Buster his half a can of food, that’s 2 cans a day of the low-fat diet.

11:00: I am back in bed and doze back off…

11:59: The end of another day:)

© Craig