Chemo Day #5 + 12


10:45: I wake up, I get out of bed and I let Buster out.  I walk outside with him to check on him when he goes to the bathroom and everything is good.  I then feed him his 1st meal of the day.

11:10: I eat 2 biscuits and a ham steak for breakfast.

11:50: I head back to my room to lay down and get on the computer and work on a few things.

2:30: I feed Buster his second meal of the day.

2:47: I get an email from a client wanting to meet me at my office to pick up a laptop that I was working on.

2:50: I get in my van and head over to my office.

3:00: I get to my office and the client is there waiting. I go up into the office, shutdown the laptop, pack it is case and bring it to my client who is waiting in her car.  I give the laptop to the client and quickly go over everything since it is raining, and I am just standing in the rain.

3:10: I am back in my van and heading back home.

3:20: I am home, and go back to my laptop working in my bed.

3:45: I jump in the shower.

4:05: I get out the shower.

6:30: I give Buster his pills to prevent his nausea and to ease any pain he may have internally.

6:45: I eat some White Beans and Sausage that my mom has been cooking all day.

7:30: I feed Buster his 3rd Meal for the day.

8:00: I go lay down in bed and fall asleep.

11:00: I wake up and get out of bed and let Buster out and go out with him.

11:30: I feed Buster his 4th meal for the day.

11:59: I am laying back in bed watching TV.

© Craig