Chemo Day #5 + 13


12:45: I get up out of bed, a long sleep.

1:00: I let Buster out and go out with him to check on him.  I then feed him his first meal of the day.

1:15: I sit at the table and watch some of the game that my dad has on TV.

2:00: I am laying back in my room watching the game.

3:25: The Saints vs Packers game is on.

4:00: The chicken wings that my dad was BBQing are ready to eat.  I feed Buster his second meal of the day and then sit down to eat.

6:45: Oh well the Saints lost again.

7:00: I have my mom give Buster his pills for the nausea and pain.

8:00: I feed Buster his 3rd meal of the day.

8:15: My Uncle Vic brought over some bread pudding that my Aunt Estella had made fresh.  MMM, I eat a nice helping of this.  Very Good!

8:45: I am laying back in my bed watching TV and on my laptop.

11:00: I get back out of bed and feed Buster his 4th meal of the day.

11:45: I take Buster outside and follow him around until he is ready to go back in.

11:59: Another day gone, Chemo tomorrow, oh boy…

© Craig