Chemo Day #5 + 2


1:30: I wake up.  I let buster out, and I take my blood sugar on my own after yesterday’s elevated number, and it is 114.  So that is normal.

2:00: I am on the computer researching some stuff, and I find out how to stream an audio stream into a telephone port to create a music on hold stream.  The only way to verify this is to go to my office and test it out for myself.

2:30: I put buster in his cage, and off to my office I go.

2:45: I get to my office.  I pick up all the mail off of the floor inside of the front door.

3:00: I get together the materials to do the test.  The test doesn’t work out the first few times.

3:30: I get some change out the setup going to the back of the computer and use a different wire to go into the telephone jack on the router, then I change a config setting, and I get the music that is streaming, so I got it setup.  I then order the materials I need to make it work at a client’s location.

4:00: I clean up everything I pulled apart to make it work.

4:30: I then follow up with billing and statements.

5:00: I check on a few things remotely and make sure I can remote a few things to work on later tonight.  I can’t access one thing, so I call up a client for them to turn that computer on.

6:00: I am heading home, time for some Red Beans and Rice 🙂

6:10: I get home.

6:30: I dive into the Red Beans and Rice and Sausage.  MMMM, great!

7:00: I am done eating, and relax a little on the Lazy Boy.

7:20: I go lay in my bed and get on the computer.  I catch up my blog.

8:00: I am watching the Cosby show while working on a few minor things here and there…

10:00: Time flies by when on the computer.

11:59: Another day gone, goodnight!

© Craig