Chemo Day #5 + 3


2:00: I wake up, yes that is 2PM.  WOW!  Oh well, my body needs its rest!  I get up, let buster out, and get ready to head to the office.

2:30: I am in my van heading out.

2:40: I get to the office.  I do some work here and there.

3:00: I am working on a laptop that was brought in last week, but I believe the hard drive is bad, I will do a few more test on it, but I will contact the client tomorrow for options.

3:30: I repair an installation of Windows XP that has an issue starting windows.

4:00: I take care of my parish and state sales taxes for the month filing and paying them online.

4:30: The repair is done, and I can log into XP with no issues.

5:00: I go to working on some admin stuff for the business.

6:00: I am done for today, I am tired, time to head home.

7:00: I get home, and eat some Indian Food that my parents brought home, and some BBQ Pulled Pork that my wife brought home.

8:00: I am laying in bed.

8:15: I doze off, and that’s it for the night, I am out!

© Craig