Chemo Day #5 + 4


9:30: My business partner calls the phone and wakes me up.  He goes over a few things that was on his mind while he is driving to his next location for work.

10:00: I am up, there is no way I am falling back asleep now, I have slept for over 12 hours.  I am feeling about 80% today.

10:15: I work on shaving my face and my head with the electric razor, this is a chore since I didn’t keep up with it everyday.

10:45: I finish shaving, and hop in the shower.

10:55: I hop out of the shower, all fresh and clean!

11:05: I am in my van heading over to my office.

11:15: I am at my office.

11:30: I work on a few things for a client who is having slow computers remotely.  I call up the software company that they use and get some support from them.

1:00: We try a few things, but most likely the server has to be restarted, so that will be done this evening when I go over there with my partner to put in a shelf for the server.

1:30: I run to the bank and drop a few checks in.

1:50: I get back from the bank and remotely deposit some checks that I have been holding for me.

2:00: I work on another client’s laptop that will not update any windows Vista.  After numerous things, the computer simply has to be rebuilt. I will have to consult the client before doing this.

2:30: I throw together a website real quick for hosting.  We have had the domain name for a while now, and now that I am doing more hosting, and just took on my gaming clan’s website for hosting, I may as well do some more advertising on the hosting side.  Nothing elaborate just yet, just quick and simple.

3:15: I finish up the hosting site, and post it a few links on the clan’s website.

4:00: My business partner calls me up telling me he will be late this evening picking me up to go over to the client’s office to put in that shelf.

4:15: I start working on the phone system for our Handy’s Handyman business to run the phone line we have for that business through our current phone system.  With the recent storm Hurricane Isaac, and a few other factors, we are ready to bring that business back up and going and bringing in some money and making up some debts.

5:00: I run into a weird problem.  Almost beating myself up over it, it is so simple, yet so complicated.  I keep getting an error message, “Connection refused by remote host”  What the heck?  that is the only way I can access it is to make the connection, and this is a secondary connection inside of a connection that I had already made. I keep trying over and over and then find the solution after a bit of googling.  Turns out the session is trying to make a secondary session using the wrong protocl, blah, I make the changes and able to get into make the changes.

6:30: My business partner gives me a call saying that he is almost done, but not yet.  I work on a few other things around the shop.

7:30: My business partner gives me a call saying he is heading back from Hammond, so he will be in about 45 minutes to pick me up and head on out.

8:15: He gets here, we talk for a little bit, and then head on out.

8:35: We are in his car heading Uptown.

9:00: He takes the wrong exit, and we are sitting in Gridlock on Poydras because they are doing construction and have few lands closed and the redlights are not synced.

9:15: We get to the client’s office uptown, and he goes to work cutting the 2×4’s to make the shelf for the server.  He screws them in and then places the 2 2x6s in place that just happen to be the right size across the 2x4s and screw them into place.  We boot up the server, and everything is good to go, the closet it 99% complete.  Just gotta put in a ground wire when I come back on Monday to install the proprietary XRay software.

10:15: My business partner and I head out, back to the office.

10:35: We get back to the office, talk briefly, and then he heads out.

10:50: I leave the office.

11:00: I get home, and eat a BBQ Roast Beef PoBoy.  Pretty good!

11:30: I am laying in my bed, on my computer, the TV on in the background, updating the hosting servers.

11:59: Another day gone!  Goodnight!


© Craig