Chemo Day #5 + 5


12:15: I wake up and get out of bed, and let Buster outside.

12:30: I get a call from a client who wants a new computer.  Her old computer was taken out by lightning and it was over 10 years old.  She doesn’t have a computer at home to use to order her new computer, so she would like to come into the office and order the computer at the office using one of the office computers.  I tell her that I can meet her there at 1:00.

12:40: I jump in the shower.

12:50: I jump out the shower, and head on over to my office.

1:00: I get to my office, and eat 2 McDoubles while I wait.

1:10: The client gets to my office, and we sit down and I go through the components necessary for her, and what she really needs.

1:45: We check out the Dell Shopping cart, and it will be shipped to her house.  I will be ordering her a monitor and a copy of Office 2010 because I can get it cheaper than Dell’s website.

2:00: We talk a little bit, and then she heads on out.

2:15: I start working on another client’s laptop, but I doubt anything I do is going to be able to fix it, it will probably have to be reformatted, its the same laptop that won’t get Windows updates.

3:00: I start working on some website programming that I have an idea for.  It will help out any future business ventures we have along with Hands Free Help and also help out other people if they use our service once its complete.  I am not giving too many details on it now, but its a work in progress.

4:00: I go online and pay a nice payment on one of my personal credit cards.

4:30: I turn on the TV and go back to programming.

6:30: My dad stops by with some seafood gumbo.  Crab, Shrimp, Okra, Sausage, Rice, and spices, mmm, very good!

7:30: I go back to programming and program pretty much the rest of the night.

11:59: I lock up and head on home, today was a good day!

© Craig