Chemo Day #5 + 6


11:15: I get up out of bed after my wife called me letting me know that she was at work, otherwise I would have probably kept sleeping.

11:30: I get up, and my dad is changing out a light fixture under the cabinets above the washer and dryer.  He leaves the wiring the electrical wires and the wire nutting up to me.   I take care of that and then hold the fixture while he screws it in place under the cabinet.

12:00: Kickoff, Saints against the Kansas City Chiefs, nothing exciting, just another game to watch and see how they are doing without any coaches.

1:30: We head out to lowes, the lightbulb they wold us was defective and looked liked it was already used as it had burn marks on both sides of the fluorescent bulb.

1:40: We get to lowes.

1:50: We check out.

2:00: We are back home.

3:30: Overtime.

3:45: Saints lose, 27 to 24 in overtime.

3:55: I finish up a few things on the computer.

4:15: I jump in the shower.

4:25: I jump out.

4:35: I get in my van and head over to the office.

4:45: I am at the office.

5:00: I start working on that laptop with the update issue again, this time it is to back up everything off it and reinstall windows.

6:00: I start doing some research on Google Drive and syncing multiple computers using Google as the syncing tool.

7:00: I test a few things out, waiting on the back up to complete.

8:00: I have completed some testing on the Google Drive and email my findings to a client that was interested in the using it and syncing all his computers.

9:00: I start the reinstall process after double checking all the files that I had backed up.

10:00: I do some brief programming, but watch the computers I am working on.

11:00: I am wrapping things up, just about time to head back home.

11:30: I am walking out the door.

11:40: I am on my way home.

11:50: I am home, and hungry.

11:59: Warming up some more crabmeat dressing and pasta.

© Craig