Chemo Day #5 + 7


9:30: I am awaken by an email arriving on my phone.  I check it, it is just a client resolving their own issue that they wanted to let me know about.  I doze back off.

10:12: I get call from another client need help on a project of recovering some old data and info.

10:16: As soon as I hang up the phone another call rolls in.  A client can’t find her additional mailboxes inside of outlook.  I ask if they have scrolled down to the bottom of the left panel, they say they have, but noting is there.  I remote into the computer and on the left panel is the mailboxes that just had to be expanded to see the folders inside of the mailboxes.

10:30: I am off the phone.  I have tons of stuff to do today, so I get up, let Buster out, and then head for the shower.

10:40: I shave my head and face.

10:50: I jump in the shower.

11:00: I jump out the shower.  Maybe the shower I took was too hot because now I am feeling a little weak.  I take my blood sugar and it is 160.  A little high, but I am weak because I haven’t eaten anything yet.

11:15: I eat a bowl of Captain Crunch Peanut Butter.

11:45: I am feeling better.  I get my things together and head out the door.

12:00: I am in my van, and I head over to Lowes to pick up some grounding wire, wirenuts, and a coax patch cable.

12:07: I arrive at Lowes.

12:20: I am walking out of Lowes.

12:30. I am at the office.  The mailman delivers the monitor I need to install today, so I pack up and head uptown.

1:00: I installed the proprietary software on the computer and pointed the directory to the folder on the server.  The software picked up the license key when I changed the folder to the server.  I called up support, and they were surprised it did this, but luckily because it did this we did not have to change the serial number.  I the added the local printers to share, and changed the name of the old computer and then renamed the new computer so that the computer names would still be the same.

2:45: I then setup the new monitor in the stock room.  The mouse didn’t work on this computer, so I had to retrieve another mouse from one of the other computers that were destroyed by the lightning.

3:30 With the network changes and new computers, the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software was now running extremely slow.  I put a call into CRM software maker, and they had an unusual high call volume.  After 20 minutes on hold I was asked to provide a call back number and wait for a tech to call me back.  This is the first time that they have ever done that.

4:15: 45 minutes later I finally get a call back.  I explain the problem to the tech and we agree to check the settings on all the computers.  I go to each computer one at a time with the tech and they check the settings.  On a few computers some settings had to be changed  for their software, but overall everything was correct.  After touching all the computers the CRM still seemed slow.  The tech then suggested that we change the way that the CRM Server operates and put it into the Client Server mode.  The tech explains to me that this transports larger blocks of data rather than small bits of data between the client machines and the server.  Once this setting is changed the computers instantly start working with much greater speed.

6:45: After 2.5 hours on the phone the CRM and computers are setup completely and correctly.

7:30: I install the 4 telephone surge protectors to isolate the AT&T lines to the router.  I cut the line in half and put on 8 RJ 11 jacks to connect both ends of the 4 pairs of severed wire to the surge protectors.  I then wirenut the 4 ground wires together and run the wire to the central screw on the outlet.  I test that the outlet and the new surge protectors are properly grounded by using a volt meter.  I then install the network surge protector between the cable modem and the router to make sure the feed from COX was grounded.  I grounded this surge protectors to the other central screw on the 4 outlet plug, I also tested this for proper grounding with the volt meter after installation.  I then took the coax cable off of the back of the cable modem, and connected it to the surge protector in place for the outlets, and then connected a 3 foot coax cable from the surge protector back to the cable modem so that the cable feed from COX was grounded before getting to the cable modem.  This will cover all possible grounding routes.  I then tested the phone lines and the internet to ensure that all the connections were properly done.

9:30: I am done for tonight, time for me to go home.

9:35: I get in my van and head on home.

10:00: I arrive at home and Pizza from Sam’s is what’s for dinner!

11:00: Time for me to head to bed, its been a long day of work!

11:59: Another day done, and ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ……………….


© Craig