Chemo Day #5: ~~~~ 7 More to Go


12:15: My dad and I get home from uptown.

12:30: I am in bed and nod off.

8:20: I get a phone call from the client whos location I was at last night.

8:30: After some basic troubleshooting, I decide it best to head to the client’s location while the client calls AT&T.

9:00: I arrive on site.  What do you know the phone lines are working again.  The client tells me that AT&T was having some issues with the system, and they fixed it on their end.  I check out a few things and everything is fine on the client’s end.

9:35: I head on back home to catch up some more sleep before I have chemo.

10:00: I get home and doze back off.

11:00: My wife wakes up to head to work, and I am still dozing.

12:00: I get up and get ready to get a shower.

12:15: I jump in the shower.

12:30: I jump out the shower.

12:45: I put on the lidocane numbing cream on my port, and cover it with saran wrap.

1:00: My Uncle Frank picks me up.

1:15: My Uncle Frank drops me off at the Yenni Treatment Center @ East Jefferson General Hospital.

1:20: I check in at the front desk and they send me upstairs to wait in the waiting room.

1:45: The call me into the room, and sit me in chair 1.

2:00: They have me sign my consent on the four pages, one for each drug they will be pumping into me.

2:10: They stick the needle into me, and start a saline drip.

2:25: They hang my emend bag and start pumping that into me.  This is for anti nausea.

3:01: The Zofran and the Decadron beg is hung and starting to be pumped into me.

3:25: The Adriamycin is starting to be pumped into me.  See the nice red color :P

3:40: They want to flush the Adriamycin so they hook the saline drip back up.  However there is a 1 foot gap of air in the line, so i hit the stop button on the IV pump.  The alarm comes off, they ask what’s going on, and I tell them.  They pump up to a certain part and then pull out the air from the line with a syringe hooked to the line and then continue pumping

3:50:  They hook up my Bleomucin and start pumping that into me.

4:17: They push  the Vinblastine out of the syringe.

4:20: They hook up my Dacarbazine and start pumping that into me.

5:00: The Dacarbazine is done, they are now just flushing me with saline.

5:07: The pull out the needle and put a piece of tape over me.

5:15: I am packing up my laptop, and we are heading out of here!  I am riding home with my dad.

5:45: We get home.

6:00: I am in bed sleeping!

10:00: I wake up.  I am starving, all I had to eat all day was 10 chicken nuggets.  I eat a few big macs and some shrimp etoufee.

11:45: I have a few final sips of some cherry 7up before bed, can’t drink or eat anything after midnight since I have my pet scan tomorrow!

11:59: Another chemo day done with, blah…

© Craig