Chemo Day #5 + 8


9:10: A client calls me to check on how I am doing health wise since we haven’t talked in a few weeks.  I tell him that I am going to see my RadOnc later today, and I will get the results of the PetScan when I see him later today.  He has an important phone call that he has to take, and we will catch up later in the week.

9:20: Another client calls me asking me when they can drop off a few laptops and hard drives for data recovery.

10:20: My mom calls me on her way home from work.  She is going to bring me to my RadOnc appointment.

10:22: I jump out of bed and jump in the shower.

10:30: I jump out the shower.

10:40: We are heading out the house.

10:45: We are in the car rolling out.

11:00: We get to the Yenni Treatment Center.

11:05: I check in, and they go over all the data that is now in their system that I filled out on paper last time I was there.

11:20: We are called to the back.  I am weighing 256 now.

11:35: The doc comes in and starts going over the results with us.  The results are promising and I will post them!  The uptake of the radioactive glucose is decreasing which is a good thing from the last scan.  We go ahead and schedule my next PetScan and appointment to be right after my 4th cycle/8th infusion before starting the 5th cycle/9th infusion if needed.  In simpler terms what does all of this mean?  It means that I will have another Pet Scan after my 4th cycle/8th infusion.  The changes between my 1st Petscan, before my first chemo treatment, and my 2nd Petscan, after my 2nd cycle/4th infusion/treatment, were mostly down in the numbers, as you can see below in the report, which is good, from the ranges of 10 – 14 to in the 2’s.  They want to see the numbers at zero with no radioactive glucose update.  So if the numbers on the next PetScan come back as 0’s then we’ll move onto radiation and stop chemo, if not, we’ll finish up the 6 cycles/12 infusions of chemo and then go to radiation after that no matter what because they do not want to give more than 6 cycles of chemo because of the toxicity of the chemicals to my body and especially my heart.  So whats my treatment timeline that I have left?  I have either another month/1 cycle/2 infusions of therapy left from here and then 1 month of radiation therapy 5 days a week for 4 weeks, or i have 3 months/3 cycles/6 infusions of chemo therapy and then 1 month of radiation therapy 5 days a week for 4 weeks.

12:30: We are heading home.  I wanted to go to Taj Mahal but they are closed on Tuesdays.  I am in the mood for a burger, so we go to Guillory’s Grocery where I get a Hamburger PoBoy, and my Mom get’s a Hot Sausage sandwich.

1:00: We are back home and the Hamburger PoBoy is great!

1:30: I get in my van and head back over to my office.

1:40: I get to my office.

1:45: I go across the hall and get the monitor, 2 port voice card, and the hard drive that was delivered.  I can add the live music on hold stream to that phone system tonight.

2:00: I start working on the computers.  I put the new hard drive in the laptop and start the Windows 7 install.

3:00: The client stops by to drop off the laptops and hard drive for data recovery.

4:00: I get back to doing some admin work.

5:00: A good friend of mine who works at UNO and is searching for a new job stops by to chit chat and tell me how things are going at UNO.  We used to work together doing all the networking when I was a student worker for the Computer Department in the Networking Department.  We catch up on things and throw a few ideas back and forth, and will keep in touch as time goes on.

7:00: He heads on out, and I prepare to head uptown, but I also have to finish up that admin work that I was working on.

9:45: I head on out headed uptown.

10:00: I get uptown and go to work.  I save the configuration on the router that I need to add a card to and then shut down the network.  I then add the card, and bring the network back up.  I configured the router to feed the live feed back through a telephone port on the new card that I added and have that feed to all users placed on hold.  I then test this out.  I then take the individual phone lines off of their buttons and group them all onto one button so that I can add voicemail monitors on the buttons on all the phones in the back so that those voicemail boxes will notify the main 4 users if they have a message or not by blinking an envelope when there is a message waiting.  Also we are about to port the main number over to another provider that will allow 20 simultaneous phone calls on the one number at one time and all included in one package rather than having to purchase more phone lines which is more expensive to expand the number of calls that are able to be handled at one time.  That’s one of my upcoming projects.

11:59: Look at that another day done, I am still working, so catch up on tomorrow’s post 😛

© Craig