Chemo Day #6 + 11


1:00: I wake up and go to work.  Yes it’s 1AM.  I have to finish transferring all the documents, settings, and programs to my client’s computer before the morning.  I install Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition and remove it off of his old computer.  I then transfer his documents, pictures, emails, music, etc from his old computer to his new computer.  I then install Quickbooks and test opening the quickbooks folder.  I have everything prepped and ready for him to open in the morning.  I also setup the backup using the old computer as the target destination and using the powersync toy to transfer updated files to the second hard drive of the old computer which was originally being used as the back up drive.

5:00: I am done and going to bed…..

10:50: I get an email from a client that is unable to send emails to a client of hers.  I call her up and connect to her computer. I see that they are trying to transfer 30MB of pictures.  I download and install the picture resizer tool a XP Power Toy, and show her how to use it to resize the pictures, all the pictures come out to be .5MB and are emailed with no issues.

11:30: I get an email from the client who’s computer I worked on last night with some issues using the scanner and other minor program compatibility issues.  I first work on the scanner, and it takes me about 2 hours to figure out how to get the scanner working.  Instead of a simple download from Fujitsu, they want you to download a file, and then apply updates to the file to you finally get the scanner working instead of regular drivers that just give you the latest updated driver so it just works.  I also check a few other issues, I can’t resolve them all, but I do take care of a few of them.

1:45: I jump into the shower.

1:55: I jump out of the shower.

2:15: I arrive at another client’s office and start setting up a new computer.  I setup the basic settings, and my remote software and take the old computer back with me to the office so that I can work on the computer remotely.

3:15: I head on out with the old computer that we are updating from, and another old computer that can possibly be used for another service they have in mind.

3:35: I get back to my office, and put the old computer on the work bench, plug it in, turn it on, and provide it with a network connection so that I can transfer files from it to the new computer at the client’s office.  I also go to work gathering the Office 2007 product key information to install on the new computer and transfer everything to their server for transferring to the computer later.  I get Office installed, along with Quickbooks, the shared printers, antivirus, adding the computer to the domain, and the basic setup for the computer.

5:30: I get a call from another client who has been wanting me to look at their computer for 2 weeks now.  I remote in, and start troubleshooting with the client.  It seems that malware has been installed on the computer, and there is also a corruption issue that Vista can’t fix itself, but we can work around.  After about an hour on the phone, I tell the client I will call them back once I am done completely repairing the computer.  I clean the computer, then apply some microsoft fix applications, and remove the second antivirus that the client had added by accident.  Part of the problem on this computer was that two antivirus programs were fighting each other.

8:30: I finish up with that laptop remotely, and go back to doing some finishing touches on the other computer and doing a final search for any files to backup to the client’s server before I reformat the machine to for it to be put to use elsewhere at their office.

10:00: I finish up my work and head on home.

10:10: In the van.

10:20: I am home.

10:30: I eat some Indian food 🙂 YUMMY.

11:15: I am laying in bed on my computer checking on things and finishing up some additional work.

11:59: Another day done, but I am still working…

© Craig