Chemo Day #6 + 12


11:30: I wake up and let Buster out and relax around the house for a little bit, but I have work to do at the office.  I have to finish up the Desktop for the client because I have Chemo on Monday and will be limited on what work I can do.

1:00: I jump in the shower.

1:10: I jump out the shower.

1:20: I jump in my van and head on over to my office.

1:30: I get to my office.

1:40: I start to order a number of items that I need for the upcoming week for a new location that a client of mine is turning up next week.

3:00: All my items are ordered and double checked and now I just need to wait to they come in so I can complete that project.

3:45: I jump back onto the computer I was working on remotely and test everything out to make sure everything works.  Everything is fine and good to go!

5:00: I do some cleaning up around the office.  I have been working a lot lately and have been neglecting the office cleanliness.  Oh well, bringing money in is more important that my office being clean at this point in time.  As long as I am working and watching my health and getting better, that’s all that counts, I can always clean up later!

7:00: After doing some cleaning, throwing out boxes and basic cleaning, but nearly not enough, I go back by the computer and start doing some administrative work.

11:00: Oh well enough work for today done, time to head back home.

11:10: I am in my van.

11:20: I am home.

11:30: I snack on a few things.

11:40: I am laying in bed, watching TV, and of course back on my computer!

11:59: Another night gone!


© Craig