Chemo Day #6 + 13


11:45: I get up out of bed and let Buster out.

12:00: I jump in the shower 😛

12:10: I jump out the shower.

12:20: My dad is cooking sausage, hot dogs, and burgers on the BBQ pit outside.  My Aunt Estella and Uncle Victor are coming over for lunch.

1:00: My Aunt Estella and Uncle Victor arrive and my dad is just taking the food off the bit.

1:15: We are all sitting around the table.  I have a burger, a hot dog, pick at the sausage, and eat some of the homemade coleslaw that my Aunt Estella had made and brought over.

2:15: We are done eating, and they are interested in laptops.  I pull out my Dell Mini, but tell them it is probably too small for practical use for the browsing they want to use it for because of the size of the screen, and the size of the text, my mom shows them her laptop, which they see is much easier to read and handle.  We talk a little bit about it, and then I go by my computer in the front.

3:00: I am just tired of sitting up, so I go lay in my room, and on my laptop, with the TV on.

3:30: I do some website programming for something I am working on for the business.

6:00: I catch up on some administrative work and billing.

7:00: I doze off for a little bit.

10:00: I wake up and finish the billing I was working on before I dozed off.

11:59: I am done working for today and dozing off……. ZzZzZzZz…….

© Craig