Chemo Day #6 + 6


10:50: I am up and about.  It is in the 60’s outside, very nice, my parents have the side door open with the back door to let the cold air in and minimize the AC usage.

11:20: My dad is cooking up steaks.

11:40: The steaks are done and ready to serve, we start eating.

11:50: My business partner calls me from the office, his breaks are shot and he is waiting for his parents to bring down his sister’s car for him to borrow for the week.  His cousin is coming to pick him up and they are going to go off for a little bit while he waits on the spare car.

12:45: I finish up my meal, and get ready to head on over to the office.

12:55: I head on out.

1:05: I get to the office.

1:10: I go upstairs and start working on a few administrative things while I wait for Jamie to show back up.

1:45: Jamie gets back to the office with his cousin, and we talk a little bit.

2:00: Jamie’s parents and nephew show up with the car.

3:00: Everyone heads on out after talking for a little bit.  I go upstairs and start cleaning up a little bit.

4:00: All the boxes from the last project I worked on, plus 3 old printers that I had in parts waiting for recycling, an old monitor, and a 2 empty computer cases all go into the dumpster.  I have a few things coming up very soon that I need the space to store things being given to us for free that we will need to use in the next 4 months, so why buy it later when I can temporarily store it for now.

5:00: I start looking for Jamie’s old motherboard, his computer’s power supply failed and its a special sized one, not the normal top rear mounted power supply, so it will be easier just to stand up his other one.  Before I got sick, I went through all the spare computers that we had and reformatted all of them installed Windows XP on them, and installed all Windows updates on them so that they would be ready to go if ever needed.  Well Jamie’s was ready to go, I just had to install his graphics card so his 3 monitors would work like my computer and then install office and Windows.

6:00: A client of mine calls me up and we talk over a few business things.

6:30: I get off the phone with the client and finish working on Jamie’s computer.

7:30: I head home to watch the Saint’s game.

7:40: I get home and its only 5 minutes into the game.   I get to see Drew Brees break Johnny Unitas’ record of 47 consecutive touchdown passes with his 48th consecutive game touchdown pass.

10:30: The Saints actually win this one!  It’s about time!

11:00: I flip channels and start watching the Pawn Stars.

11:59: Another day over as I am dozing off…..


© Craig