Chemo Day #6: ~~~~ 6 More to Go


9:45: I get a call from a client who is partnering with another client of mine to open up another restaurant.  He would like to go over a few things with me along with some quotes and prices for things needing to be done at the new location that is in the works.  I tell him that I am about to go do Chemo Therapy, so my earliest available would be Friday.  We schedule our appointment for Friday at 10 AM.

10:00: I get up and I take Buster outside.  I then check on a few things online.  I get an voicemail from a client who’s computer is froze.  It froze up last night when i was trying to fix iTunes and it showed that  was still on his computer, he just wanted to make sure that he was not kicking me off if I was working on it.  I told him that he could restart it and that it had frozen up last night.  He sent me back an email to see if there is anything else that we can do to speed up his slowness.  I tell him that he has one of the oldest computers out the group, and that his computer and the receptionist computers are both due to be upgraded before the end of the year or before the summer of 12013.

10:15: I follow up with another client who wants a website created for her business.  She has some hosting right now but it seems like it is just an hosted exchange server.

11:30: I get together Buster’s food and feed him his half a can.

12:00: I shave my face and head.

12:10: I jump in the shower.

12:20: I jump out the shower.

12:25: I put on the lidocane cream on my port and put saran wrap on top of it.

12:30: My Uncle Frank picks me up from the house.

12:50: My Uncle Frank drops me off at EJGH at the Yenni Treatment Center.

1:00: I check in, and am sent upstairs.

1:10: They come get me out of the waiting room across the hall.

1:20: I am sitting in chair 5.

1:30: They stick the needle into my port. I am now just waiting for my meds and chemo.

2:30: They hang my emend bag and start pumping that into me.  This is for anti nausea.

3:01: The Zofran and the Decadron beg is hung and starting to be pumped into me.

3:25: The Adriamycin is starting to be pumped into me.  See the nice red color :P

3:40: They want to flush the Adriamycin so they hook the saline drip back up.

3:50:  They hook up my Bleomucin and start pumping that into me.

4:17: They push  the Vinblastine out of the syringe.

4:20: They hook up my Dacarbazine and start pumping that into me.

5:00: The Dacarbazine is done, they are now just flushing me with saline.

5:45: The nurse I have usually works in the inpatient oncology department on the 5th floor of the hospital, and she lets the saline really flush me.

5:55: The pull out the needle and put a piece of tape over me.

6:00: I am packing up my laptop, and we are heading out of here!  I am riding home with my dad.

6:30: We get home.

6:40: I eat some white beans that we have left over.

7:00: I am in bed dozing off.

11:00: I wake up, a little out of it, I get up, let Buster outside and go to the bathroom myself to get rid of some of those fluids that they have been pumping me full with all day.

11:59: I am dozing back off to sleep!


© Craig