Chemo Day #6 + 7


10:00: I am up, and there is no going back to sleep.  I get up out of Bed, let Buster out, and get my stuff ready for my shower.

10:10: My parents are in the den watching TV, they are off today…

10:15: I jump in the shower.

10:25: I jump out the shower, so fresh and clean 😛

10:30: I feed Buster.

10:40: I brush my teeth and head out because I have to finish up a client’s desktop computer at the office.

10:50: I am in my van, heading to the office.

11:00: I get to the office and get to work checking on that Desktop and returning a phone call to that client.  I do a few more things with the desktop searching for a particular document the client is interested in.  There are multiple accounts on the computer and the documents she was looking for were not on the main account.  I go through the document and let her know what I am seeing, and that is exactly what she was looking for because she was unable to user her computer for the past few months because of the corrupted registry issue and no programs launching but the web browsers.

12:00: The client calls back a few times wanting Office 2010 Professional installed on the desktop too.  I also suggest adding RAM to the computer to max it out since it only has 512MB of ram.

1:00: I get an email from a client about their digital recordings on their phone system not being transferred to their file server.

2:28: I get a phone call from a client about their email acting up.  I remote into their computer, make a few changes to the settings and also change a setting on the server that the are connecting to for their email.  I then uninstall Norton Internet Security because it is a resource hog, and the computer is only a P4 running at 3Ghz and only on 1GB of ram, so it doesn’t need such a heavy virus scanner.  I also do a cleaning of the registry and remove old and unneeded files.  I then download and install Microsoft Security Essentials which is free for the home user and free up to 10 computers for business users.  Once we get all that taken care of, the computer is running smoother and much quicker and the emails are flowing back and forth with no problems.

3:30:  I do some admin work to catch up from the weekend.

4:12: I get an email from a client who needs a invoice emailed to her because she can’t find it in her email.  I search my emails and simply forward her the invoice for her records.  We email back and forth on my progress with everything.

4:45: Back to admin work and looking things up for some another project I got coming up.

6:17: My business partner calls me and lets me know what his events have been for the day.  They sound promising on a few things has working on his end.  I’ll catch you up later on all that as things actually start happening with those ventures we have planned.

7:30: I have had enough fun for today at the office, time for me to head on home.

7:40: I get in my van to head home.  I find out the hard way that I need some transmission fluid.  I take the U-Turn on Causeway by UNO pretty fast since there is no traffic at all, and when I come out of the hard turn, I have no acceleration, sure the engine revs up, but it just doesn’t kick into gear.  I let it coast till I get close to the redlight by 17th street at which time I slowly make my way over to the side of the road and before I get there, enough transmission fluid has accumulated in the bottom again due to gravity that I have acceleration again can pick up speed without the van just revving up.  I’ll have to add some transmission fluid tomorrow morning or soon to resolve this issue.

7:50: I am home, 10 minutes or less as usual.

8:00: My dad is trying to get the printer to turn on.  It is plugged in, but won’t come on.  He has tried a number of things, I finally pull the desk out and unplug the ac/dc transformer and plug it back in, the printer comes right on.  I have seen this sometimes, it could be a safety thing, that an ac/dc transformer will stop providing power until it is reset by unplugging it and plugging it back in.  Just like everything else electronical, if you are having issues with something, restart/reset it by completely removing the power from the device and adding it back, if you do this a few times and the problem isn’t resolved, then you have a bigger issue.

8:15: I eat some spaghetti with the sausage and red tomato meat sauce leftover from Saturday night with some meatballs added to the mixture.  I catch my family up on the what my business partner and I talked about and whats coming up in the future as I get better.

9:00: I go lay in bed, get on my computer, and turn on Monday Night Football while catching up on my blog and a few things from today at work.

10:30: I get up and feed Buster, and let him outside, and then back to laying in bed, yup still on my laptop.

11:59: Another day gone, always work to do…

© Craig