Chemo Day #6 + 8


9:30: I am up, I let Buster out and back in, open up the last can of his canned low fat food, give him half, and then off to shave.

9:55: My business partner wakes me up with a phone call.  He needs my help dropping off his Saturn VUE at the mechanic so that he can get his rotors replaced.

10:10: I jump in the shower.

10:20: I jump out of the shower.

10:30: I am heading out the house and over to the office.

10:40: I get to the office, and Jamie and his friend Bob are there.  We talk for a little bit and decide to head out.

11:00: I get in Jamie’s Sister’s Car and drive it to the mechanic shop.

11:30: I get to the mechanic shop located on Jefferson Highway right off of Williams, only after doing a little driving up and down Jefferson Highway because the mechanic shop’s sign is set back off of the road and the sign is hidden by trees.

11:40: We leave the mechanic shop and head back to the office.

12:00: We get back to the office, and go upstairs and talk some more.

12:20: We decide to go grab a bite to eat.

12:25: We are back in Jamie’s sister’s car.  We head on over to Lager’s on Veterans because of their great burgers.

12:35: We are at Lagers, and surprisingly there is a place to park.

12:40: We are seated inside.

12:45: Our waitress takes our order, I am getting the Lager’s Burger with the vegetable skewer.  We talk business, about Hands Free Help and other ventures we got coming up.

1:00: We get our food, delicious burgers as always!!!

1:30: We head on out, and back into the car.

1:45: Jamie drops me off at the office, and they head downtown to take care of some more business.

2:00: I go upstairs to my office and start to work on the finishing touches of a project that I was working on for a client.  I have been trying to figure out this tutorial that he received for mailing list.  The only issues they were very general in their instructions and very vague at some points, I had to repeat some steps several times before figuring out exactly what they wanted us to do.  As I figured out the proper steps, I would write down what I did.  Now that I have figured everything out, I went back to step 1 and repeated the entire tutorial, this time writing my own tutorial that is very precises step by step so that my client could more easily follow the steps and create the final solution that the tutorial is trying to teach him how to create and use.

4:30: I finish up the 3 page tutorial, and email it to my client.  I then head downstairs to follow up with a client who sent me an email about their computer being infected with a virus.

4:45: I start the various troubleshooting on the computer which doesn’t do anything because the virus is stopping all programs from being able to run.  I then boot into safemode.  I then run a cleaner program to get rid of the temporary internet files and other older and temp files on the computer.  It removes over 12GB of files.  I then run a program to do a different level of scanning.  That finds a few issues and deletes those issues.  I then boot back into regular mode and it boots.  I then change the settings back to regular mode, and check a few things.  I start one more scan and will check up on it from my office.

6:45: I turn off the lights, and lock the door and head back upstairs to my office.

7:00: I am back at my desk.  I continue watching the scan on the computer, and catch up on a few administrative tasks.

8:00: I finish up working on the computer by completing the final scan, and removing a few items that was found by it, and then starting the antivirus  software on the computer to do a final scan.

8:30: I head on home.

8:40: I get home, eat, and then I lay on my bed and continue working on a few things.

10:00: I doze off here and there and wake up do a few things and doze back off.

11:59: Another day gone, dozing in and out here at the end…

© Craig