Chemo Day #6 + 9


7:49: I get an email from a client that briefly wakes me up, the message in the email?  “I have this big box in my office from Dell.  Need something to do???”  I doze right back off.

9:49: I get a call from an 800 number, it wakes me up, it just another potential vendor, I don’t answer 800 numbers or out of the area code calls unless I know who is calling.  I am tired of listening to sales pitch and wasting time trying to tell them I am not interested and then have to just get ugly with them to get them off the phone and let them know I am really not interested, so I simply don’t answer these calls.  On top of that I make a note of the numbers that keep calling and then log into my phone account and block them.  I can block up to 50 people, and never have to listen to them call again because the call never connects.

9:56: Another call from from another out of the area 316 area code.  I simply don’t answer this call either, but it is time to get up and get out of bed.

10:00: I let Buster out, and let him back in, and then feed him some hard food of a low fat Science Diet that we have.

10:10: I shave my head and my face.

10:15: My business partner calls and we have a lengthy conversation about a few things coming up and a new domain that has to be purchased and setup.  He runs his ideas by me for me to think about and counter and come up with positives, negatives etc, what I do best.

10:45: I jump into the shower.

10:55: I jump out of the shower.

11:02: I get an email from another client saying that their new computer has also come in, and they need me to set it up, preferably on Friday since they will be out of the office on Friday.

11:05: I get in my van and head to the office.

11:15: I get to the office.  I start working on a project for my business partner, buying a new domain name, and setting up the email and the web hosting on our web server for the new domain.

12:00: I start working on an estimate for a new restaurant.  Doing some research for the printers they need and the computers they need along with the phone system that they will need.

2:15: I get a call from a client about keys being stuck on a keyboard after dropping some soft drinks in it.  I tell them just throw the keyboards away, its not work taking apart and cleaning.

2:45: My business partner calls me telling me that he is about to be on his way over to the office.

3:25: A client calls me up about some error messages she was getting on her home computer.  She asks me to look at it today, as she got paid today and she can pay me right away and wants the computer fixed.  I remote into her house computer and start working on it.  First I remove all Dot Net installs and reinstall all Windows Updates including the Dot Net updates.  I also do a DirectX update since I am working on an issue with Media Center as well saying that it is missing files and not able to run.  I restart the computer a number of times and everything seems to be working after reinstalling updates.

4:08: My business partner calls me telling me that he is now headed over to the office.

4:30: I am mostly finished with the computer, I am just running some virus scans to make sure that if there was any malware causing the issue.

4:35: My partner gets to the office.  We go over a few things on the website I created with the domain he gave me and the email setup, fine tuning a few things, before we head out to go pick up his Saturn from the mechanic.

5:20: We head out to the mechanic.

5:50: We get to the mechanic.

6:00: We leave the mechanic, Jamie drives directly back to Chalmette, and I drive his sister’s car back to the office.

6:30: I get back to the office.  I fine tune a few things on the site, and then tell Jamie it’s ready for him to show to his guy.

7:00: My dad comes over and helps me move a few partition peaces from another suite into my office suite.  The other office suite is planning on being vacated by the end of the year, and they are slowly going to disassemble all of the modular cubicles partitions.  Since we have a few things planned, and free is cheaper than having to buy furniture in the future, we are just going to take the cubicles and store them till we can use them.  We make a few trips back and forth, and then call it a night.

8:30: We are done lock up and head downstairs.

8:40: We get into our cars and drive back home.

8:50: We are home.

9:00: I eat, and I am exhausted.

9:30: I am out sleeping……

11:59: Still sleeping…..

© Craig