Chemo Day #7 + 1


1:00: I am just waking up, yes its 1 PM.  The chemo just seems to become more cumulative.  My legs are heavy, I am tired, I barely can get up to let Buster out and get to the bathroom myself to get rid of more fluids from all the chemo through the IV and the fluids I have been drinking.  Ugh,  I don’t feel but maybe 55%, easier to stay laying in bed….

1:30: I make it back to bed, just laying down, I turn on the TV, struggle with my laptop, and just relax, and start working on a few things remotely.

3:30: My dad gets home.  We are going to head out around 5:00, to head uptown to install a computer for a client, but I am not driving, I am basically just doing the knowledge side and I am letting my dad do the driving and the heavy lifting/setup.

5:00: My dad and I head out.

5:20: We get to the doctor’s office uptown.  The doctor is subleasing an office to gentleman who is associating lawyers with doctors so that they can network and have a connection.  I meet the gentleman who is doing the networking, and quickly go over everything I am doing, and what he can expect to see when he comes in in the morning.  My dad unpacks all the boxes.  I tell him to unpack the computer while I screw the switch into the rack.  I put the router on top of the switch, plug in the wires, and then go back to the office my dad is setting up the all in one computer in.  I help him hook up the wires, I then install Office 2010.  I call up the Tech I am doing the remote work for to update him that the phone is not coming online, but the network is up and the computer is online, and everything else is ready to go.  He informs me that the phone is probably not provisioned yet, and nothing to worry about that, he can resolve that in the morning.

7:30: My dad and I head out, and head back home.

8:00: We get home.  My dad throws some chicken on the BBQ pit, and we have BBQ/Grilled Chicken Sandwiches for supper, very good!

9:30: I go and lay back in bed, and get on my computer, and turn on the TV.

10:00: I doze off….

11:30: I wake up, I do a few more things on the computer, and then doze back off…

11:59: In lala land…..

© Craig