Chemo Day #7 + 10


1:30: I log off of my Call of Duty 2 Game, and go to sleep!

9:29: I get a call from a client, she has a few questions about a website that a client asked her if she does, which she is going to pass off to me for me to take care of, she just needs to get more details from the client.

9:34: I get a call from the client who’s desktop I cleaned up last night and did a defrag on.  Their outlook data file is corrupted.  The computer is too slow to do a fix on the pst file, so I decide to just remove the pst file and recreate the profile, and let all the emails download from the server again.

10:15: I am transferred to the head of the company who tells me to go ahead and get them new computers for that location to speed up their work and what they are doing in the long run.  I tell them I will get to computer searching for them today and email the cart to their purchaser.

10:25: I get everything together for my shower.

10:35: I jump in the shower.

10:45: I jump out the shower.

10:50: I head on over to the Quest Diagnostics Center for my blood work.

10:53: I park on top the parking garage and take the elevator down and then walk over to their office.

10:56: I sign into Quest.

11:05: They take me in the back, scan my ID, print up the tube labels. Stick me on the first shot, fill up the two tubes, tape up my arm, have me sign the paper, and then I walk out.

11:15: I am back in my van up on top, I take the circling down to the ground level and head on out to my office.  I take the service road to Clearview to West Napoleon, back on to Clearview, and get on the I-10 towards the city and get off at Causeway.  I am waiting to take the 17th street turn from Causeway North and my van starts jerking while idling.  I drive a little ways more and pull into a parking lot, it idles roughly, but never dies, I guess it could be the gas I recently just filled up with on Monday.  I only have about 20 miles on this tank.  I continue to McDonalds.

11:30: I get to McDoanlds and pick up my 2 McDoubles for lunch.  I then drive back to my office.

11:45: I am back at my office.  I put my food in my office, get the mail from the front office, and then go across the hall to check for packages.  This company is shutting down by the end of the year because of government policy changes that are forcing them out of business and unable to continue their current clients or bring on any more clients.  I need to price out their server, phone system, and a few of the computers for them.

12:00: I am back in my office, I eat my 2 McDoubles, and make me a nice large cup of my Lipton Tea.

12:15: I start getting some feedback from one of the websites.  It is the bossman with that project wanting to know where the emails are going.  I add him to the list of the email recipients to get feedback from any form filled out on the website.  He is happy with those changes.  I then tell my business partner to check in with him, because my partner is the one designing this website for that project.

3:14: I get a call from a client who can’t print legal sized paper even though all the settings in the printer settings are set to legal.  I get off the phone with her and start to search for and updated driver.

3:30: I find an updated driver to install, and install it on the server.

3:42: I get a call from Jamie.  He is going over a few plans with me, as I finish installing the printer driver.

3:50: I call the client back up and remote into her computer and then add that driver to her computer, she is able to print legally again.

4:00: I finish installing the last of the Rosetta Stone language CDs. I then go to install it and have an issue with putting in the key code.  I go to their website, and follow their directions to delete certain files.  I remove these files.

4:30: I update a module on a client of mine’s website.  Their website was using and older version of a  module and it had security flaws that was letting request overwhelm the server, as a result bringing all of the websites and email services on the server down.  I made a backup, then downloaded all the files.  I then uploaded the updated files, and ran the update command.  I then put extra security in place to prevent what happened before from happening again on their site.  This was something that was just uploaded to the server, and not something that I or Jamie had created from scratch.

6:30: I call up my aunt who was trying to get in touch with me.  She can’t turn on her computer, all she get is a solid orange light on her power button.  I have her unplug the power to the back of the machine, wait 30 seconds, and then plug the power back in.  What do you know, after she did this, she was able to press the button and the light turned green, the machine beeped, and windows started to load.  Problem resolved.

7:00: I am able to install the key code with no issues.

7:30: I call up the client who’s laptop I have, and they said the were about to come back over to the office for something else, so they would just drop by when they came over.

7:56: I get a call from the client they are here.  I get a call right back from the same client, the doors downstairs are locked, and they don’t have their key, I go downstairs, and let the client in.  We then go back upstairs, I go through the brief steps of how to use Rosetta Stone and we then pack up the laptop, and she heads on out.

8:15: I pack my stuff, rinse my cup out and the head on out myself.

8:20: I am in my van.

8:30: I am home. Tonight for super is Mrs. Cindy’s cooking.  My parent’s went over to her house, and pick up the food she prepared.  They had already gotten back home, and my mom went off with Mrs. Cindy to go out to eat, and my dad and wife were already home when I got home.  We put out our portions, warm them up, and then sit around the table eating the great food, salad, nice cheese linguini, smashed cauliflower covered with cheese and breadcrumbs.   The food was great.  We watch Everybody Loves Raymond while we eat!

9:30: I am done eating, I go to my computer and start doing some basic work.

10:00: I notice that my throat is starting to hurt me a little bit.  Not good 🙁

10:30: I am doing administrative work and billing for all the work I have done the past few days, so I can bill it all tomorrow, the end of the week.

11:35: I am done billing, and done my work for today.

11:45: I jump on my gaming for tonight.  Call of Duty 2 🙂

11:59: Still gaming!

© Craig