Chemo Day #7 + 11


12:00: Yep gaming!  Call of Duty 2.  It’s an oldie but goodie.

1:30: I am done gaming for tonight, my eyes are tired, and time for me to knock off.

9:17: I get a call from a client, waking me up,  about the printing.  I can feel my voice not as what it should be, and my throat hurting a little bit while I am talking to them on the phone. They are able to print fine, but they are not able to make all the adjustments like they used to on the other computers.  I tell them to set the other printer driver back as the default printer driver to use when printing, and only use the new printer driver when they want to print legal paper.  I log into the server, and set the other printer as the default printer in the group policy.

12:02: I get another email from a client, waking me up again, about not being able to print.  I get up out of bed, let Buster out, and then go sit by my Desktop computer.  I remote in, and look at the printer settings.  I change one setting, and the printer starts printing the 30 documents that they had in queue, all taken care of.

12:25: I let Buster back in and get my stuff for my shower.

12:35: I jump in the shower.

12:45: I jump out of the shower.

12:55: I am in my van, heading over to my office.  I start packing up everything to go over to the Restaurant to put in their new computer since it was delivered today.  I also process the checks that came in so I can deposit them on the way.

2:20: I get an email from a client who is out of toner, and the toner that is in the printer is starting to fade when printing.  I go through all the boxes of toner and ink that came in today and the previous today, and I piece together their order.  Only two things are missing from the order and that is the toner and drum for the fax machine, which the don’t need yet.  I put together the drum and 3 toners for the front desk printer, the 3 colors for the upstairs printer, the 3 colors and 2 blacks for one of the downstairs printers, and the one black and one tricolor for the other upstairs printer.  I then load up the van with the toner for me to go drop off to them. I also load the new monitor in my van for the restaurant.  I also load up some surge protectors I need for the new install.

2:47: I head out and stop by the bank, and deposit the checks.

2:55: I get on the I-10, heading into the city.  Traffic coming out the city is backed up from Causeway all the way to Metairie Road.  I know I am not taking that way back out.

3:10: I get to the office and drop off the ink, toner and drum, and go over the order with them.  They are surprised I showed up.  I tell them I get all the emails to my phone, and knew that they needed their toner and ink ASAP.  I head back out.  I will take Earhart to Cleary to Veterans Blvd to get to the new restaurant instead of fighting all that traffic coming out of the city.

3:30: I get to the restaurant and go to work right away.  I run a wire around the room behind all the furniture for the phone on the second desk.  I would usually run through the ceiling, but since I am not feeling 100% and the ceiling over the desk is solid because its an airduct, and I can’t really get to that wall, I will just use the wire around the room instead.  I punch down the wire on one side and put 2 RJ11s on the other side.  I plug in the phone, program it, and test it out.  I can intercom between the two phones, and make and receive phone calls.  I then move the laptop to this desk, as it is closer to the door and will be used less.  The room is small and because of this, since it will be used less, it would be best for the laptop to be there for the least inconvenience of access to the room.  I then unpack the monitor and hook it all up.  I unpack the new Dell Computer and hook it up.  I start the configuration.  I then unpack the tray for the HP color printer.  Following that, I unpack the HP printer, and set it on top of its tray.  I cut the wires to length to make everything neater in the corner.  I then run a network cable to the HP printer from the router, and turn it on.  I then unpack the second printer which will be the main printer since it is black and white, it will also be the office scanner and the fax machine.  I take off the 20 pieces of tape on the machine, and then power it up.  I set up this one on the wireless network.  I then go on the desktop and do its initial setup.  I remove all unneeded programs.  I download and install the drivers for the printers as long as the software to manage the scanning.  I send out 2 test faxes, I do a test scan, and I also do a print test page for both printers.  I then go to the laptop and do the same thing, I download the drivers for the printers and print test pages.  Once all that is setup, I make sure that the laptop and computer are setup never to go to sleep so that I can remote access them. I pack up all my tools, stack up all the boxes neatly.  I walk around the restaurant and move my van to the back door so that I can pack up and make one trip rather then 5 trips will all the various things I have to put in my van.

7:30: I am headed out, all done for today.

7:45: I get home, and my parents want to go out to eat.  My mom is on the phone with work, so we wait for her.

7:50: My wife calls me up, and she is on her way home from school, so we wait for her as well before we leave.

8:00: My wife gets home.

8:10: We had on out.  We don’t really know where to go.  My dad finally comes up with Johnny Trout’s seafood.  I figure why not, I will not want to eat anything come Monday again with my next infusion of Chemo, so I may as well enjoy some food.

8:25: We get to Johnny Trout’s and go inside.  We have the fried Alligator to start things off with.  I get the all you can eat fried catfish and chicken.  The alligator is great.  The catfish and chicken I have is really good.  So good, I get two extra orders of chicken.

9:35: We head on out the Restaurant, back in the CRV.

9:55: We get home.

10:00: I get on my Desktop Computer.  I remote into the two computers, download Office 2010 Professional, and install and activate the software.  I then apply the updates for Office to the computers.  I also download Quickbooks Pro 2013 to the desktop.  I will install this when I go back to my office as that is where the keycode is.

11:00: I am done working on those two machines.

11:30: I jump on my Call of Duty 2 game.  This time I run into one of my clan members that I havn’t seen in a while.  I need to get a new headset with a microphone so I can start talking with them again when I am playing.

11:59: Still playing my COD2 🙂  My throat is hurting a little.

© Craig