Chemo Day #7 + 12


12:00: I am still gaming.

2:00: I am done gaming.  I am tired.  My throat is also hurting me a little.  I am going to try to go to sleep.

10:30: My wife is up and getting ready.  Neither of us slept really well last night.  I was tossing and turning all night.  My throat would usually be the thing waking me up.  I am up.  I can’t sleep anymore.

10:50: My wife leaves for work.

11:10: My wife calls me telling me she is coming back home.  They told too many people to come in today for work, so she was told she could go home, if they need her, or if someone want’s to leave or has to leave, they will call her.

11:15: I am warming up the leftover cauliflower from Thursday night.  NCIS is on TV.

11:25: My wife gets home.   The cauliflower is so good, I have two helpings.   I think about having some pumpkin pie, but it just doesn’t smell right, and my dad said it tasted like shrimp, so in the garbage it went.

12:00:  I lay on the sofa and watch some more NCIS.

1:00: Next thing I know, I fall asleep again.

3:00: My wife’s cell phone rings, waking us up. it’s her work, they want her to come back in because one of the other people have to leave.

3:30: I jump on my computer.  I start processing all of the work I did the previous day at the restaurant.  I also start processing all of the toner and ink.  A lot of processing and typing to do.  I am noticing that my sore throat is gone now.  I just have a cough and and a dripping nose.

7:00: My wife comes back home.  She has brought home some taco stuff, which I just eat like a taco salad, and some cinnamon sticks from work.

7:30: Back on my computer work.

8:15: My dad take’s off to go bring my Mom some Chik Fillet because she is pulling a 24 from 7AM this morning to 7AM tomorrow morning.

8:40: He brings us back home a chicken sandwich. It doesn’t take long for me to dive into that.

8:55: I am back on my computer doing a few things, I notice I can’t get to my work computer the office.

9:00: I jump in the shower.

9:10: I jump out of the shower.

9:20: I am in their CRV heading over to the office.

9:30: I get to the office.  My computer is not on, that was the problem.  I turn it back on and do a few things on it as well as do a few things around the office as well.

11:50: I leave the office and head back home.

11:59: What do you know, another night gone.  I am home!

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