Chemo Day #7 + 13


12:30: I jump on my Call of Duty 2 game.

2:00: I jump off of the game, and into bed.  I pull out my laptop and start working on catching up on my blog.

3:34: Here I am, I am caught up on the blog.  Let me see if I can stay on top of this a little more again!

4:30: I finally fall asleep…..

1:30: I wake up and get out of bed.  I let Buster outside, and it’s very nice outside.  I notice on the weather channel all they are talking about is Hurricane Sandy heading towards New York!  Wow, they never do this kind of coverage when we have a Hurricane heading for New Orleans, I wonder what that’s all about, whatever….

2:00: I flip one of the many football games on today, and watch a little bit of it.

3:00: I get on my computer and start doing some admin work.  I have to invoice for all the Toner and Inks that I got in last week and delivered last week, or will be delivering this week.

4:00: I am done with all that stocking and sorting and filling orders.

4:15: I start piecing together some Dell Computers on their website.  I found a really really good deal on Thursday, and emailed them to my client, but I don’t think my client jumped on them in time.  Yesterday the prices were back up more than $200 on the computers that I was looking at.  It was either a really good deal or a very wrong price.

4:30: I send out the invoices for the inks and toners.

4:45: I finish up porting a client’s website from their hosting provider to my hosting service,

5:50: I send out an email to the client about those Dell Desktops.

6:10: I get Buster and we head on over to the office.

6:25: We get to the office.  I deposit my paycheck by snapping it with my phone, and also transfer the withholding taxes from the business checking account to the savings account for that check.

6:45: Buster and I head back  home.

6:55: We get back home, and my dad is almost done frying some catfish that my mom picked up earlier today.

7:00: I flip to the coverage of the Saints game.

10:30: Saints Loose, oh well back to my Desktop Computer.  I check on a few things.

11:00: I log into my Call of Duty 2 game.  If it was up to me, I would play this all day non stop, oh wait, I have already done that, but I will not divulge details about that on here, I like my job prospects too much 😛

11:59: Still gaming tonight.  Improving somewhat, but I think the Chemo is really affecting my eye and hand coordination, I am not as good as I used to be…

© Craig