Chemo Day #7 + 2


10:36: I get a call from a client wanting to know about issues he is getting when trying to search using yahoo.  He has to use the yahoo toolbar to search and can’t use the yahoo search box on the page.  I ask him a few questions about how he is doing, and tell him that I can call him back later to look at it more closely as I am half out of it and tired.

10:44: I get a call from a client who is having issues installing Rosetta Stone.  She has tried multiple things and has tried to have someone else install it for her and have had no luck installing it either.  I tell her that I won’t be back into the office until sometime Thursday evening or Friday, as I just had Chemo Monday and still feeling the effects of the last treatment.

10:50: I doze back off to sleep…

2:47: Jamie calls me to see what I am doing later in the evening has he has a few business questions and plans that he wants to run by me and have me see in person what he is talking about.  I tell him I should be ok by then, but to call me back before he plans on heading out as he just woke me up, and I still have to eat and do a few things to see how I feel and my energy level is.

3:00: I get a call from a client who needs to run payroll, but is having issues opening up Quickbooks.  The issue is that on the newest computer that I just installed on Friday, I installed Quickbooks, and applied the latest updates, however the server and the other computers did not have the R16 update.  I logged into the server and applied the R16 update, and then I logged into the two computers and applied the R16 update.  Once this was done, all the users were able to work on the Quickbooks file at the same time again.

3:30: I warm up some pizza in the oven that was in the freezer in the backroom.  My parents come home and they want some pizza as well, so I throw a second pizza into the oven after I take the first one out.  The pizza are great!  The first one was a garlic bread deluxe pizza, and the second was a meat trio panned pizza.

4:45: I am back in my room, laying on my bed, working on a few things on the computer, my dad comes in and watches the Mentalist that I have playing on the TV while I am on the computer.

5:52: Jamie calls me and see’s how I am doing, and see if I want to head out with him.  I am tell him sure!  I just need to get my shower and then I will meet up with him.  He is heading in from Chalmette so that gives me some time as well.

6:00: I jump in the shower.

6:10: I jump out of the shower.

6:20: I am heading out the door, my dad is just going to drop me off in the Quarter near the French Market.

6:45: I get to the spot, my dad drops me off, and I greet Jamie and company at the table.  They are drinking a few beers, but I don’t drink, and since I just ate not too long ago, I am still good in that department as well.  I just sit down and catch up with them.  We talk about a few minor business possibilities before getting up and heading on to our next stop.

7:30: We zigzag to Royal and head down a few blocks.

7:40: We stop at an Irish pub, they grab their 3 for 1 beers, and then we head on over to the pool table.  I am doing good, getting out and walking is a good thing, but I also need to rest.  I sit on a table near the pool table, and they take up their games of pool each playing a 2 rounds against each other.  We discuss a few more things while here before heading out to our next stop.

8:15: We are headed down Bourbon and go into the Bourbon Street Blues Company.  I recall that I just DJ’s a frat party here last February/March.  I take a seat and we listen to a few songs by a band that is playing.  They are a cover band, so its all good.  We discuss a few more things and then talk a little about the sound and lighting in the bar.  Its just a common thing for me to do since I am in the music industry myself.

8:45: We pull out of the bar and head across the street to the Funky 544 club on Bourbon.  We head upstairs because that’s where there 3 for 1 special is.  We comment a little about the setup and what’s on TV, but don’t stay for too long.

9:05: We are heading out.  My parents went to grab a bite to eat, and they are going to be my ride out of the Quarter.  I call them up and they are finishing up at Chilli’s and are going to head to the Canal and Bourbon to pick me up.  We head towards Canal St. and swing into The Beach club to check out what they got going on.

9:15: We are heading back down Bourbon towards Canal.  Joel peels off, and Jamie and Bob stick around to talk a little more while we wait.

9:45: I get the call that they are just turning off of the Interstate onto Carondelet, I tell Jamie and Bob I’ll catch them later, and they head back down Bourbon as they are parked on Frenchman Street which is on the complete opposite side of the Quarter/Bourbon…

9:55: I wait by the streetcar stop for about 3 minutes.  A bus pulls up and unloads its load of people.  Usually the streetcars are running, but since the Super Bowl is here this year, they are redoing a lot of the streets and the street car tracks in preparation for the Super Bowl, so buses are running the route instead.  I see the car 2 cars behind the bus, and walk to it and jump in.

10:05: We are back on the Interstate heading home, I am thirsty, I didn’t drink anything all night, for a number of reasons…

10:20: We are just a block from the house and stop by CVS to pick up some drinks.  My mom grabs me 2 bottled sprites that are nice and cold, and 3 12 packs of Sprite for the house.

10:30: We are at the house, 1 Sprite bottle gone.

10:40: They got me a grilled chicken sandwich, but I am still feeling the Pizza from earlier, so I save it for tomorrow.

11:00: I am laying in bed checking on a few things on my laptop, and the TV is back on.

11:59: Another day gone, I am a little tired, and slowly doze off…

© Craig