Chemo Day #7 + 3


1:00: I wake up.  Yes its 1PM. Blah. Oh well, I slept well!  I let Buster out, and get something to drink and start warming up my Chicken Sandwich from last night that my parents picked up.

1:30: I get a phone call from a client who’s email is down.  They need to send out emails ASAP!  I connected to the exchange server and restarted the exchange services.  Exchange came back up with no issues.  When looking into the issue further, I noticed that the free space on the drive was less than 5GB.  After further searching I found that the Log File for Client Profiles is over 65GB.  That is way to large for a log file, as the data file is only 150MB.  This must be corrected later tonight when Client Profiles can be taken offline for a period of time.

2:00: I finish eating my Chicken Sandwich.

2:15: I jump in the shower.

2:25: I jump out the shower.

2:35: My mom and I head on over to the Dr. Veith’s Office, my oncologist.

3:05: We find a parking spot in the garage.

3:10: I sign in at the front desk, pay my co-pay and sit down.

3:15: We are shown to the back.  I am gaining a little weight, I am 266, but I will work on that again once I am better.

3:20: The nurse goes over everything with me, takes my pressure.  I tell her that my abdomen had some pain last week, but other than that, I have been good.  She says takes the note, and then heads out while saying the doctor will be in shortly.

3:25: The doctor comes in and he checks on me.  We go through everything, he feels where the lumps were and don’t feel anything which is good, although he can’t feel the masses in my chest.  He then sits down and we go over the results of the Pet Scan.  Here is where the results of the Pet Scan really play a roll.  He is very pleased seeing the pet scans in the 2’s down from 10’s-14’s.  He said that the tumors and cancer cells are responding well to the chemo treatment and shrinking and decreasing activity.  My next chemo treatment is not this upcoming Monday, but the following Monday, that will be infusion 8, and the end of cycle 4.  The following next Wednesday, 9 days after the last infusion, will be my 3rd Pet Scan.  If the activity numbers come back less than 2, then we will stop the Chemo treatments and start up the Radiation Therapy for one month, which is 4 weeks, 5 days a week.  If the numbers are in the 2’s or risen at all, then we will complete the 6 cycles of chemo before starting the radiation, but with the way everything is looking now, chemo should be over after cycle 4.

3:45: We walk out of the patient room, and stop by the desk for my next appointment which will be January 17, 2012 at 2:10 PM.

3:55: We are back at the car.  My mom is going to drop me off at my office so I get get some work done while she goes to Rouses to get some groceries.

4:10: We are close to Causeway on West Esplanade and I realize that since I didn’t drive, I don’t have my keys to the office.  I can go home and just stay home and not worry about going to the office, but my mom insists on going to store closet to my office, so we head on home to pick up my keys.

4:25: We get to the house, I go inside, pick up my keys and come back outside.

4:40: She drops me off at the office.  I head on in while she heads to the store.  I pick up all the mail from the entire week, which is about 2 to 3 inches of mail, mostly payments and bills.  I go across the hall to check what packages have come in for me, and there are about 10 packages for my new office setup/install tomorrow at the new restaurant.

5:00: I sit down at my desk, and start entering in all the payments and the bills into the computer.

5:20: I unbox all the packages and enter the inventory into the computer.

5:30: I run into a client in the hallway who asks me if I am going to be in the office in the next 10 minutes because she has a payment to drop off to me, and she didn’t see me at all earlier in the week.  I told her that this was my Chemo week so usually don’t come into Thursday Evening/Friday.

5:40: The client drops the check off on her way out the door.

5:45: My mom calls me, she is outside, and ready for me to pick me up.  I put the checks in a money pouch and head downstairs.

5:50: I am in the car, and now heading home.

6:10: We get home after navigating around a wreck at Causeway and the UTurn by the UNO Jefferson Center.  My dad is outside cutting the grass, I tell him hello and update him on what the doctor said, and then help my mom bring the groceries in from the car.

6:30: My dad is done cutting the grass, and he comes in to do the cooking.  We are having thin fried catfish and fried alligator.  I watch him batter them, and fry them in two separate pans on the stove.

7:00: I eat the first round of fish that comes off, nice and hot, but good.

7:15: The first round of alligator comes off, and is yummy!

7:30: My wife gets home from work, and she doesn’t normally eat fish, but she likes the way the thin fried catfish came out, and alligator is always a winner.

8:00: Everything is done being fried, my dad sits down and eats a little with us.

8:45: I am done eating, I ate slowly and in pieces as stuff came off the stove.  I help clean the table, then head to bed.

9:00: I am laying in bed, on my laptop, with the TV on in the background.

9:30: I start working on the client’s server who has the extremely large log file.  I make sure there is an existing back up, which there is which was automatically done at 9:00 on schedule.  There are other minor issues that need to be corrected as I dive into it.

11:30: I am done with that server.  I am also working on another client’s backup to his old computer from his new computer.  I have most of it setup already, I just need to fine tune it, which I do.

11:50: Another day gone….  I am tired too, I doze off on the computer 😛

© Craig