Chemo Day #7 + 4


10:00: I wake up.  I got some work to do today!  I have to get to head over to the new Restaurant that I am going to be setting up their phone system and computer system.  I get up out of and let Buster out.

10:15: I jump in the shower.

10:25: I jump out of the shower.

10:35: I am in my van heading to the office.

10:45: I get to the office.

10:50: I load up the folding hand truck that we just got with the printer, cordless phone, 2 phones, and the Brother All In One Printer.

11:00: I go across the hall and check to see if they got the HP Color Printer that I ordered got delivered over there, and it did.  I tell them that I will be back to pick it up, after I make a trip down to my van with what I have on the hand truck now.  Down the elevator, to the van, and I move my ladder so I can fit the printer and the phones.  I then head back upstairs.

11:10: I load the color printer and the additional paper tray onto the cart, and make my way back down to my van again.

11:20: My van is now loaded with everything I need.  I go back upstairs and grab the checks that I need to deposit, and I am off on my way to the Restaurant.

11:30: I get to the Restaurant and park in the parking lot, I then walk next door to the bank that is just in front of it, and deposit the checks.

11:45: I unpack my van with the color printer and the try and make my way inside, to the office, and drop off the printers.  The place doesn’t have any floors down yet and is a dusty mess for the most part.  I go back to the van to get the other printer, and I take the Brother Printer along with the phones inside and put them in the office as well.  I head back out to my van, and I see my white foot prints all over the blacktopped parking lot from my last trip in and out, just to show how dusty the place is.  I put the hand truck up, and grab my tool bag and head inside to continue my work.

12:00: I punch down 4 pairs of running wires down a punch block for the 4 lined phone system.  I then wire up the line for the phone in the office and run that to the punch block and punch it down.  I see three wires running from another location, and go outside and check the lines coming in the building from AT&T, all 5 lines are there, they come back into the building somewhere.  I go back in the building somewhere and while I am searching the General Manager get’s back and is able to show me where the lines come into the building.  I need to run an additional Cat5e cable from the phone blocks into the the office and punch them down to the punch block that I just installed.  I get my box of cable and run the 35 feet of wire from one location to the other.  I have to remove one wire from the bundle and use it as a pull wire up and back down with the wire I want to feed down all electrical taped together.  I get that wire in place and punch it down on both ends, and then time to put the phones correctly on the jacks and wires.  The phone guy just punched them down in any order, I will punch them down in the correct order, feeding the lines correctly along with the fax and dsl feed.  I punch all that down on the DMark side and place the wires back on the phone jacks in the office.  I then make a number of test calls testing out the phone and the lines.  I then open up the laptop in the office and install the basic programs, like mozilla, and my remote software.

4:00: I am done here.  I pack up all my tools, and head on out to the van.  I put my tool bag up, and the box of cable, and get in my van and drive to check on my client who’s new computer screens were flickering.

4:20: I get to the client’s location, and the door is locked, I head back down stairs, grab my key to his office, and head back upstairs, I unlock the door, let myself in, and then lock the door behind me.  I first check on the computer in the conference room because that is the old computer, and I can’t access it.  I reboot it, and I can see it again.  My client then comes out of the office with a client of his.  I ask him how his computer screens were doing, he said since I remoted in on Monday when I was getting my Chemo and updated the drivers, the screens had stopped flickering and changing resolutions, so the driver update fixed that issue.  We talk about a few other things along with my health.

5:00: I head on out, and head back to my office.

5:15: I am back at my office and I go to work on a few things in the office, and then sit down and enter in all the things I did the week before for billing, and close out those request.

7:00: I head on out, time to head home.

7:10: I get home, nice going home late with no traffic.

7:15: I fix me a plate of Alligator Jambalaya that my dad had fixed with the extra Jambalaya that we had from the previous night that we did not Fry.  The Jambalaya is GOOD!

8:00: I am laying in my bed.  I start to go to to work on my Linux Server that is serving my client’s websites, databases, and emails.  For some reason it is crashing every three days.  I look at a number of different things.  I can’t figure out why it’s crashing.  Time to configure a new linux server most probably, doesn’t help that it’s a virtual server either.  I start doing some research on other servers, while watching TV.

11:59: Another day gone, still doing some research, but nothing more exciting here for today.

© Craig